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RayofHope --- 225 days ago -

It's amazing that Comey actually put out a book admitting that he probably broke the law by giving government information to the press.

Comey may be selling lots of book, but he is not very bright.

Comey Confessions From Book 

RayofHope --- 225 days ago -

And probably delusional. But, it's good reading for people not interested in facts. 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 225 days ago -

Don't tell Butterbean. She's lapping it all up. 

Prolix Raconteur --- 225 days ago -

Butter's all over that like David Cassidy in Tiger Beat LOL. 

Myra801 --- 225 days ago -

Don't tell Butterbean. She's lapping it all up.?
She was just sharing :( I think Comey is a bit of an attention hog but I enjoy reading the excerpts. 

RayofHope --- 225 days ago -

I enjoy reading the excerpts.

Lots of people enjoy fantasy. 

Myra801 --- 225 days ago -

Lots of people enjoy fantasy.?
Ha-ha very funny. I like knowing how people think and how they view their sue me! :) 

RayofHope --- 225 days ago -

Good point!! 

RayofHope --- 224 days ago -

There are some interesting reviews about Comey's book. Loved this quote:

When Comey cops to petty misdeeds, however, the self-criticism ? and self-regard ? is almost comical . . . When the stakes rise, self-examination diminishes . . . Comey isn?t just the kind of writer who quotes Shakespeare, but the kind who quotes himself quoting Shakespeare.

By Trump's attacking the Comey book, it is assured good sales, but much of it is pretty hard to swallow for a rational person.

National Review/Washington Post Reviews 

RayofHope --- 224 days ago -

We should not forget:

Inspector General Report of Comey 

RayofHope --- 215 days ago -

The latest advice from Comey is that Democrats should stop jumping on the socialism bandwagon.

Comey Advice to Democrats 

RayofHope --- 214 days ago -

More problems for all the Bias CIA and FBI people, they may be losing their security clearances.

Bias former FBI and CIA people like Comey should not be using confidential information for their media jobs and book ventures.. 

RayofHope --- 214 days ago -

Just out!! The document explaining how the FISA warrant was obtained has been released.

The heavily redacted document proves that Comey lied about the discredited Steele documents role in how permission to spy on Trump was obtained.

Comey used a bogus document to get permission to spy on Trump.

Document Released 

OrdinaryGuy --- 214 days ago -

Everybody knew that but since it doesn't fit in with what the democrats believe they ignore it. Watch and see! 

RayofHope --- 212 days ago -

By the way, this is the law Comey broke when he turned over notes from his conversation with the President to the media. He can spend 10 years in jail.

Cornell Law Review 

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