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It looks like KU is dying

who's talking here?

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OrdinaryGuy --- 258 days ago -

There are very few people on here anymore. I'm glad to see other topics besides politics on here but there isn't much participation anymore. I wonder why. 

KwMillennial --- 257 days ago -

Was this place ever busy? I only noticed it about 2 years ago and it seems to be just as busy as it was back then.

I think the reason this place is not more popular is because it just looks so outdated. The user interface is really bad. 

Markster --- 257 days ago -

isn't much participation anymore. I wonder why.


sdanielmcev --- 257 days ago -

The reputation it has as a place for liberals is what I hear. 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 257 days ago -

That's not the case anymore- it's about even- Actually, it used to be more liberal, but it's more conservative, by an edge- 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 257 days ago -

Either way, KU is like Hotel California- you can check any time, but you can never leave- 

sdanielmcev --- 257 days ago -

Then try to change the reputation 

OrdinaryGuy --- 256 days ago -


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