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The Awe Inspiring JoelleDrees (Mod) --- 179 days ago -

I can't get on here on my phone without an ad popping up for a "free iphone" and completely shutting me out of the site. Makes me crazy. Anyone else having this issue? Works fine on the computer so far. 

KwMillennial --- 179 days ago -

I’m using a popular browser called DuckDuckGo. I never see any pop up ads when using it.

A lot of people my age use it instead of Chrome because it does not alter search results based on things like politicized “fact checking” and other advertising influences. It also preserves more privacy than other browsers and search engines.

I started using it the moment I saw the Tor Browser using it as the default search engine.

It’s good to see a different moderator posting. You have a cute picture by the way. 

The Awe Inspiring JoelleDrees (Mod) --- 179 days ago -

Can you get DuckDuckGo for the phone?

And thanks. 

fuzz81 --- 179 days ago -

DuckDuckGo is a search engine, not a browser.

Use the Brave browser on a phone. 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 179 days ago -

Use an ad blocker for your phone. 

KwMillennial --- 179 days ago -

Can you get DuckDuckGo for the phone?

Yes. It’s the only browser I use on my phone. 

KwMillennial --- 179 days ago -

DuckDuckGo is a search engine, not a browser.

Are you sure about that?

I’m using the app as my browser right now.

It can be downloaded here:

Notice the word “browser” in the url? 

sdanielmcev --- 179 days ago -

AOL works for me 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 179 days ago -

It happens to me too on my phone. It's so annoying, it should be illegal that they can totally block someone from using their phone.

Mine is Amazon that does the blocking. It has a "close" button but as you know, it dosent work. How convenient! Then if you hit the back button, it freezes up, and you're still totally blocked.

Here's what I found out. If you can get to the KU LIVE link at the top and middle of the page, do it bc the spam and blocking doesn't happen there. click on KU Live asap. . If it still spams you, clear your browsing history and then go to back to trying KU Live again.Once you keep going there, you're creating a new history. Soon you'll be able to go straight to KU Live bc it'll come up in your search and it will bypass the main page altogether. 

fuzz81 --- 179 days ago -

Are you sure about that?

Nope. I guess they released an app at some point. I’ve always just thought of them as a search alternative. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 175 days ago -

Are you faring any better Joelle? 

The Awe Inspiring JoelleDrees (Mod) --- 175 days ago -

No, not on my phone. I did download the duckduckgo app and it seems to work, I'm just so used to using Safari that I do that first before I remember. KU won't even load for me on Safari anymore. I've got 2 ad blockers on my phone so I don't know what the deal is. 

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