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I joined this crazy place on 2014-03-20, 5 years ago.

» save MGD3 as my FRIEND - HOSER

I've lived in Kingwood almost my whole life and never lived in a house with a basement, which I think is strange considering there is an underground.

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Perry Garage door - THEY SUCK!!! - 2 years ago

[i]Bump for MGD3?[/i] Thanks!!

Any recommendations on who to call for garage door repair or replacement? - 2 years ago

Well my old garage door finally gave out. It might be able to be fixed but I could use some advice on who to call and what kind of Costs to expect. Thanks in advance :)

Lost lab Elm Grove - 3 years ago

the dates are off a bit but I hope for all parties involved this link helps. [url=]other lost dog post[/url]

Who to call??? - 3 years ago

i would try one of the fencing companies. Pulling up an old goal post cant be too much different than pulling up a fence post, can it?

Pool Water Evaporate - 3 years ago

Take a bucket and fill it with water so that when you set the bucket on the first pool step, the water in the bucket is even with the water in the pool. now let that stand for 24 hours. come back and ...

What is your personal area of expertise? - 4 years ago

anything swimming pools.

Do not EVER use this POOL company!!! - 4 years ago

What was wrong with your pool?

Opinions on Lucille's Fesh Catch Kitchen - 4 years ago

The first time I went I had salmon. It was delicious and the portions were generous. However the second time I went, because I had a craving for that salmon again, I was disappointed both in the port...

My Dad is a Right Winged A - 4 years ago


My Dad is a Right Winged A - 4 years ago

Sigh... [img][/img]

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