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I joined this crazy place on 2015-08-07, 3 years ago.

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Its all about MEEEEeeeeee. Maybe you too - 3 years ago


I had to put my oldest cat to sleep just now. - 3 years ago

Reason? So sorry

need a name - 3 years ago

Max I know what to do. I did say I have a business degree. In order to get anything done, first I need a name.

Lamar Odom - 3 years ago

Dread Pirate Roberts --- 2 hours ago - quote - hide comments Let me Google that for you... Lamar Odom's current condition *LOL* --- 2 hours ago - quote - hide comments Oh gee...I have no idea...

need a name - 3 years ago

I just graduated from dog training school and completed my internship. I have my business degree already and now I am ready to get my business license, but I need a name for my business. I've gone bac...

Lamar Odom - 3 years ago

I've seen different reports. Anyone know what really happened and if he is OK? Tmz reported that he died yesterday and that was not true. Then I heard he was in a coma. I also read that they couldn't ...

I am not the Dread Pirate Roberts... - 3 years ago

Really? Who cares what your screen name is. Post or don't. Why do you feel the need for a freaking announcement?

Veterinarian that won't break the bank - 3 years ago

Go to a farm/tracker store and buy the seven in one shots and give them yourself. Price $7.00

Does anybody else have a problem with bullying? - 3 years ago

My boys are taught don't start a fight but you have our permission to FINISH it!!!!

surgeries - 3 years ago

Houston ....Leila.

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