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I joined this crazy place on 2006-08-31, 14 years ago.

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Hillary's Speech Yesterday: Sad - 4 years ago

Have you noticed when you ask a Hillary supporter why they are supporting her they come up with some mumbo-jumbo. Ii usually includes she was Secretary of State and she's a woman...........and it does...

Looking for a Photographer for a Kingwood Event - 4 years ago

I think it's a NO! Perhaps they'll be in interested in photographing the graduation!

Interesting video on how college kids see what constitutes identity - 4 years ago

They have abandoned all common sense and logic. The deny what they can see with their own eyes. This makes no sense at all. Even worse are those who appear to think their behavior is a good thing. Tho...

Are realtors high or "high" - 4 years ago

Is the rental market hot also....for the landlord's pov.

Newly Released Benghazi Emails Lead Directly to White House - 4 years ago

"Why did State, the WH and Susan Royce lie to the American public when the truth was known? " When someone can't answer or defend a perfectly reasonable question they resort to changing the subject...

Guns & Spoons - 4 years ago

By focusing on the wrong issue the don't have to try to solve the real problem.

Why did people lose their minds over this cheerleader tryout poster? - 4 years ago

By "safe place" I think Mitch means his house!

Ms Clinton paid her female staffers 72 cents for every dollar male staffers were paid - confirmed by - 5 years ago

So because it's from the Blaze does that mean it's not true? And because other candidates are flawed does that mean it's not true also? Not getting the connection. Either it's true and everyone shoul...

Bono on Migrant Crisis: Will Libs Protest U2? - 5 years ago

So right about lack of media coverage in the US.

Bono on Migrant Crisis: Will Libs Protest U2? - 5 years ago

Perhaps people will take notice now. Europe is changing. And it's not for the better.

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