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pool services

who's talking here?

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NurseKSS1124 --- 4 years ago -

Fall is here and I know that there is going to be a different kind of pool maintenance needed. I had a close friend recommend this new company Stream Water Pools who gave me a half price discount for the first month! The owner Jayson Kay is really professional and my pool looks awesome. So, if anyone is looking for someone call 281.601.7036 

Leila --- 4 years ago -

This is the kind of "friend" referral that just sounds like an ad to me. This kind of promotion turns me off, to be honest.

If you really want to drum up business why don't you come on the forum and invite people to ask their pool related questions?

Then you would be a contributing member of the forum,helping people and most likely getting new customers at the same time.

Just a helpful observation. 

NurseKSS1124 --- 4 years ago -

I wouldn't be able to answer any pool related questions because I'm not in the pool services field obviously since I am a nurse (as evident by
my screen name) and the friend referall was from a close friend that recently moved down to Texas so new to the area and picked that company for their pool.

I contribute to the community as a nurse
and helping those who are poor in health by taking care of them NOT BY CONTRIBUTING ON A FORUM just like this company does by contributing by keeping maintenance with people's pools. Im complimenting their new business. I'm sorry if it disturbed you but I'm not here to cater to you or anyone else. I shouldn't have to even explain myself but your rude negative comment was really just not needed. You should have just kept it to yourself because if it turns you off then that's your opinion and your 100% entitled to it but what a negative comment that has a complete disregard and lack of respect for my post.

I was spreading the word of a good new company. Thank you for your useless comment. You can't be downing people's posts just because it bothers you. Maybe YOU can make that contribution to this site by respecting other's posts and what they have to say. 

Bubbles --- 4 years ago -

We had this company give us an estimate and he was more expensive than many other places. 

mutton --- 4 years ago -

Note to self, change screen name... 

NurseKSS1124 --- 4 years ago -

Bubbles- I haven't tried or got estimates from any other company but I'm sure every pool is different in size and needs. So, Im just guessing estimates have to be different based on what each company thought your pool needed. I can just share my own experience with the company. It's definitely something that someone would probably have to find out individually about their pool. Anyways, that's all Im not going to go any further in a conversation about pool services lol. Just letting people know if they are looking for a company or changing one that I personally thought it was a good one. Hope everyone enjoys the nice weather! 

NurseKSS1124 --- 4 years ago -

What do you mean Mutton? Lol 

mutton --- 4 years ago -

lol nurse! Grill on and hoping beef! 

WatchOut --- 4 years ago -

You might get some business if you were honest here instead of lying. Almost every one of your past posts pimps that pool company. 

NurseKSS1124 --- 4 years ago -

Ummmm Watchout I guess I need to watch out from YOU. You sound like a crazy stalker talking about "every one of my posts?" I've posted ONE time before this and it was the same thing just talking about my best friend and her recommendation as the same in this post. Maybe if I was pimping out a company I should change my storyline don't you think? Sooooo get your facts straight before you accuse people of things. "Pimping a company?" I don't really see how that degrading type of word even fits into this post but I guess your wide range of vocabulary went with it. How can you judge me of being a liar you don't even know me. All of a sudden based on two posts you can tell me about my personal character? So I don't know why you're even attacking me of lying but I find it crazy that a complete adult stranger would talk to another adult like that. I don't need any business Im a nurse and perfectly happy with my career. So therefore yea I'm PROUD of putting RN behind my name so a nurse screename sounds legit to me but I guess I should have one like pimpingpools or Caution! I don't really get why this post has really caused such a weird negative discussion but I guess it's because I'm too busy pimping pool companies and going around lying based you saying that to me OVER A DISCUSSION POST. You truly are a badass computer gangsta talking over the Internet like that. It's not like Im going to lose sleep at night over a post from someone named WATCHOUT. 

NurseKSS1124 --- 4 years ago -

Lol Mutton you're too funny :). Nursing school is no joke and I'm very proud of saying I'm an RN. Haha I'm not even trying to start any beef but I don't just not saying anything either when the comments are just out there. If I knew that this website would be like this I probably wouldn't have joined in the first place. I guess you have really mature adults throwing out about pimping pool companies, lying, and turning off people. I guess some people on here have nothing better to do then just enjoying cutting down posts they don't find to their liking. 

mutton --- 4 years ago -

Mother was a nurse. I have much respect for them... 

NurseKSS1124 --- 4 years ago -

Thank you! I have respect for everyone and what they do because everyone has different talents and abilities. I DONT tolerate rude, negative, or disrespectful comments and really no one should either. I wouldn't have responded back but I was provoked to do so. I LOVE being a nurse that's why I'm going forward to go to school to be a nurse practitioner. I'm already an RN but I graduate in December from UT downtown with my BSN and with honors. I worked super hard and enjoying to further my education in something that is my passion. I'm going towards nurse practitioner next so I look forward to the future in my nursing career. Anyways, no more posts from me related to this discussion so your beef fix was cut short lol. Have a good night to you Mutton and to the haters in here. Smh. 

mutton --- 4 years ago -


NurseKSS1124 --- 4 years ago -

:) glad I have met a nice person over this thing despite the circumstances. Take care! 

witchywoman --- 4 years ago -

Ummmm....I guess you aren't aware that if you click on a poster's name you can see all their posting history. 

Jeff --- 4 years ago -

I just looked at prior postings over the the 2 months. Too funny. Guess she didn't know you can see she's been plugging this company for a while . Which is fine- just say it 

Mayberry --- 4 years ago -

Too much eyeliner - seems a little shifty to me 

*LOL* --- 4 years ago -

Too much eyeliner - seems a little shifty to me


*LOL* --- 4 years ago -

Ummmm....I guess you aren't aware that if you click on a poster's name you can see all their posting history.

Probably not. On 2nd thought, the OP decided it was a good idea to SO. lol. 

Judas --- 4 years ago -

We can still see all your old posts, Nurse. 

logic --- 4 years ago -

I DONT tolerate rude, negative, or disrespectful comments and really no one should either.

Then you've come to the wrong place because you'll get them here, lol. 

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