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What is your favorite "healthy" place to eat in Kingwood?

who's talking here?

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KingwoodPCRepair --- 3 years ago -

I'm trying to get some new ideas of places to eat in Kingwood that have healthy food choices. I like Jason's Deli but was curious if anyone had a favorite place to eat that is on the healthier side. 

DVaz --- 3 years ago -

Healthy via what standards (carbs, sugars, fats, total calories, etc...) Lots of possibilities. 

*LOL* --- 3 years ago -

I love the grilled Chicken Caesar salad at Carrabbas. I order it curbside all the time. They also have a nice grilled salmon on the menu. 

KingwoodPCRepair --- 3 years ago -

I know, "healthy" is a loaded term. I just want places I can eat foods that offer grilled meats and non fried food options. I'm not looking to eat kale salads and water but just something better than cheeseburgers and fried catfish. 

aragon --- 3 years ago -

yeah, not a whole lot of options here. 

*LOL* --- 3 years ago -

I know, "healthy" is a loaded term. I just want places I can eat foods that offer grilled meats and non fried food options.

The grilled chicken breast is also very good at Carrabbas. You can get a side of steamed veggies and a salad with your meal.

I also sometimes pick up the smoked chicken or sliced smoked turkey at the drivethru at Pappas barbecue. 

JHMO --- 3 years ago -

Panera Bread, Chelsea's Deli, Jason's Deli, J. Christopher's also has some low cal/low carb options. 

Texashley28 --- 3 years ago -

Chick Fil A ... lol ..jk. I try to cook as much as possible. You know what you're eating and the amount of calories that way. Soups and salads when we go out to eat. Or small portions. 

TinktheSprite --- 3 years ago -

Panera Bread
J J China Diner for Steamed Veggies
Jason's or Other Salad Bar (watch the dressing!)
Any Salad with dressing on the side
Savva's Greek Food
Any buffet veggie options. Takes much control! 

JHMO --- 3 years ago -

Savva's Greek Food

Where is this??????? 

Jpgirl --- 3 years ago -

Panera- but you have to watch those breads and dressings- they have some good salads with nice proteins in them- dressing on the side or naked. If I order a sandwich - I ask for no mayo and I only eat half the bread. If I make it a combo- I ask for an apple instead of bread or an apple as a side.
I'd disagree with Savvas- while it's yummy- they put enough salt into their food to choke a horse.
I eat at home 99% of the time because most restaurant food just isn't what I consider "healthy" 

Leila --- 3 years ago -

I will pick up a half rosemary chicken at LaMadeline and a salad to go when I'm not in the mood to cook. They also have a grilled salmon salad. 

Butterbean --- 3 years ago -

Wendy's. Yes, their salads are good. Good menu choices that permit healthy options.

Panera. My hands down favorite. Just had lunch there. 

Joe Blow --- 3 years ago -

You want healthy more to California where they have health galore or eat at home. 

TinktheSprite --- 3 years ago -

Savva's on Atascocita Rd. NEXT TO Lings. Downey look like much in that so center but the food is fresh,light, and good. Fairly enough authentic. 

Davi --- 3 years ago -

Not eating is not healthy, therefore, all food is health food...
it is all about perspective. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 3 years ago -

Sharkey's has two really good and healthy chicken dishes with a side of green beans and carrots that are so well seasoned. One is Cajun chicken and the other is a smothered chicken breast with mushrooms and spinach. Both are very good. 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 3 years ago -

Davi, that's like saying good people like dogs, and Hitler liked dogs, so he's a good person! Lol! 

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