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What is being built beside Target in Humble?

who's talking here?

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Polly Ester 1
AwesomeTattooedDragon 3
RedMulch 2
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Vivian --- 3 years ago -

Any one know what is being built in the huge cleared plot of land adjacent to Target in Humble along side Townsend? Thanks 

mutton --- 3 years ago -


Sorry, could not stop. 

RedMulch --- 3 years ago -


mutton --- 3 years ago -

Same thought train Red, lol... 

Work in Progress --- 3 years ago -

Please be a Costco! 

mutton --- 3 years ago -

Where Porter? He be the Costco scout! 

RedMulch --- 3 years ago -

yes, Porter, Porter, whereartthou Porter?? 

Polly Ester --- 3 years ago -


mutton --- 3 years ago -

Lol Polly, it is! 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 3 years ago -

Not Costco. 

DVaz --- 3 years ago -

Some say Costco others say apartments. The area looks to big for a Costco alone, IMO. 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 3 years ago -

If wishful thinking could make it so, the populous of Kingwood would obviously get their Costco! Lol! 

Porter Wagoner (Mod) --- 3 years ago -

Emerald Lake is moving to the location. 

ladybeachbum --- 3 years ago -

I've heard from a supplier for Costco, it is already started. It's a good enough source to make me excited. 

ugly yapper dog --- 3 years ago -

The permits say costco. Costco says costco. but I think it's the new area 51. 

DVaz --- 3 years ago -

It's as mysterious as Dinosaur Land.

More importantly, is the new Town Center HEB going to be a Central Market? That is a massive lot even for apartments. 

Butterbean --- 3 years ago -

Emerald Lake is moving to the location.

It's a clothing optional Costco. 

Nightshade --- 3 years ago -

Where's our whole foods and what will it take?

On another note, what's the new Northpark Kroger going to do with the space that houses the depts shutting down like furniture? 

FANCY PANTS --- 3 years ago -

what's the new Northpark Kroger going to do with the space that houses the depts shutting down like furniture??

Maybe they will expand the foods they offer. 

FANCY PANTS --- 3 years ago -

whole foods

I want a whole foods too. 

Malevolent Witches Club --- 3 years ago -

our club headquarters will be moving into the heb building 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 3 years ago -

Now that the veggie lady is opening a store, I'm not as anxious to have a Whole Foods- not that I don't want it! 

andreweggplant --- 3 years ago -

Where are all of the posters from weeks ago who had the "proof" that is was going to be a Costco? 

Annie's Mom --- 3 years ago -

An employee at the Costco in the Woodlands told me this weekend that Costco is opening in Humble and ground is already cleared so I assume that is what is going there. 

Work in Progress --- 3 years ago -

Oh please please please! I can't wait for a Costco! 

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