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What do you want your Legacy to be when you pass on?

who's talking here?

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Eclipse --- 4 years ago -

When you pass (and we all will) what do you want your family and friends to remember you for? 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 4 years ago -

That I was a solid good human being who they could count on. And that they were loved.

And that woman could cook. :) 

Dorothy Parker --- 4 years ago -

For my children to be happy and successful in life, and to always know they're loved.

And that I will haunt them if they get outta line! ;) 

mutton --- 4 years ago -

I for sure like the haunting, lol. 

*LOL* --- 4 years ago -

I want my loved ones to say that I lived my life with a joy for each day I was given. 

Leila --- 4 years ago -

I hope they will remember that I was always here for them, no matter what. That goes for my nieces and nephews, old grumpy uncles and the whole gang of them. My home and heart are always available to them. 

XpressUrself --- 4 years ago -

That I had a big heart and did everything I could for animals. 

ghostpost --- 4 years ago -

Hopefully, that I loved them beyond measure and that no matter how many wrinkles or how much gray hair, I remained young at heart. 

Markster --- 4 years ago -

It is what it is. Im sure it will likely range from Hell on Wheels to compassion for his fellow man. I just hope the word "Artist" comes up from time to time. 

RayofHope --- 4 years ago -

I would like to be considered (to a certain extent) righteous in the eyes of my family and G-d.


RayofHope --- 4 years ago -

The word is Tzadik, which means righteous. You probably figured it out. 

RayofHope --- 4 years ago -

Great thread. Very important question we all should think about. Whether you like it or not, your character will have a major impact on your children. 

Eclipse --- 4 years ago -

I simply want to be remembered as a humble man (not as in Humble, TX) who loved his family unconditionally. 

Porter Wagoner (Mod) --- 4 years ago -

I want to be remembered as someone that never back yard bred a Labrador. 

RedMulch --- 4 years ago -

I wanna be known as a true Christian believer. Not a thumper or a hell fire and brimstone kinda person. I did the best I could all the time, when and where I could. And I died happy. I may put "RedMulch lies here" on my stone. 

QueenMargaret --- 4 years ago -

A Christian born with a Legacy of 30+ generations which formed a great part of history throughout the world. I could not even duplicate if I lived until eternity. So, to make it simple, to be remembered for my honesty and being trustworthy and my love for my family and my God. 

QueenMargaret --- 4 years ago -

Eclipse, what do you want your Legacy to be when it is your time? 

AMDG --- 4 years ago -

I had a whole lot of stuff, and most of it was really cool. I knew it was really impressing the dickens out of the neighbors. I had a bunch of superficial relationships with really hot looking women, once again impressing the heck out of everyone. I received the chamber of commerce, man of the month in October of 99, was the head of the K of C, and was on the board of 5 or 6 charities, but never really went to the meetings or did anything. Sat in the front row at church, filled the plate, dressed great, and sang really loud.

Wait that not it - guess what I really want to be remembered for was I was an honest and loving husband, an involved father who loved his children more than life and they all knew it, a good brother, uncle, worker, boss, and friend.

Would love a church full of folks at my funeral who were all happy they knew me. 

Polly Ester --- 4 years ago -

So nobody hopes to be remembered for winning the most arguments on KU? Man...I would have thought that would have #1 for some of you all! 

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