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Do you have lemons?

who's talking here?

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FANCY PANTS --- 6 years ago -

Do you have lemons on your lemon tree? I have a huge Meyer lemon in my yard and there are no lemons on it. It did have blooms just like every year. But this year no lemons. I have read all about it. If there is too much water the lemon tree will not fruit. Is anyone else not going to have a lemon crop this year? I sure am going to miss the lemon pies, lemon aid and all the other great stuff I make with my lemons. 

FANCY PANTS --- 6 years ago -

I normaly have over 600 lemons on my Meyer lemon tree. 

Just stuck --- 6 years ago -

Such a personal question... 

HARP --- 6 years ago -

I had a dwarf meyer lemon, and could never get it to fruit, someone finally told me if the bees dont pollinate the blossoms that it wont ever fruit. Not sure how much truth there is to that, but we didnt have very many other blossoming plants to invite the bees. 

FANCY PANTS --- 6 years ago -

I'm thinking it just had too much rain and not enough sun. It has always had a huge crop. Too much rain makes lemon trees drop the fruit.

if the bees dont pollinate the blossoms

Bees are on a decline. Maybe it did not get pollinated. :( 

Malevolent Witches Club --- 6 years ago -

u sure lemon thieves aren't picking them all while you sleep? 

FANCY PANTS --- 6 years ago -

LOL! I don't think so. 

james osterberg --- 6 years ago -

I had a snail invasion which ate a lot of things, I figured they got the lemon buds as well. oh well, the stores always have plenty. 

Gigix4 --- 6 years ago -

My neighbor has a huge Meyer lemon tree and it is just loaded with them. The rain sure didn't hurt it. 

Malevolent Witches Club --- 6 years ago -

where at? i can send my lemon thief gang over when they are done terrorizing town center 

mizedge --- 6 years ago -

Same thing with my lemon tree. Did have tons of blooms. Now, no blooms or lemons. Tons last year. 

gumbeauxgirl --- 6 years ago -

We have a small Meyer lemon tree. I think this is the second year. Initially we had several lemons growing, but now we're down to just one. 

Winning --- 6 years ago -

They're a little bigger than lemons.


Emperor of Kingwood --- 6 years ago -

Those are melons, not lemons. 

RedMulch --- 6 years ago -

My Satsuma orange is the same way. Lots of blooms, but not an orange one that I can see. So disapointing 

ugly yapper dog --- 6 years ago -

My lemons had blooms some months ago then a frost killed them. It put out more blooms; then the rain caused them to drop. I now have a couple new blooms so we'll see. You see lemons can bloom all year if the weather is right.

Find a phosphate rich fertilizer. I use ground up fert stakes from home depot that induce fruiting. I then add a slight amount of "super phosphate". Dont over do it. Early June is supposedly the last month/time to fertilize or the trees wont go dormant for winter. 

FANCY PANTS --- 6 years ago -

ugly yapper dog


stores always have plenty.?

They are just not the same as a meyer lemon. 

TinktheSprite --- 6 years ago -

2 lemons. The rest fell off. Had tons of flowers, tons of lemins but onk5y 2 survived. My Satsuma orange, on the other hand, bloomed like crazy and kept most fruit. I have about 20 baby oranges on the smallest tree you've ever seen. How it will support the ripened oranges will be a challenge. Fighting mealy bugs for the first time tho. 

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