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Would a stun gun stop a dog?

who's talking here?

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FANCY PANTS --- 6 years ago -

Would a stun gun stop a dog? 

FANCY PANTS --- 6 years ago -

Has any of you had to use a stun gun to defend yourself against a dog attacking you? 

TinktheSprite --- 6 years ago -

Interesting. I imagine it would work as it does to humans, maybe even worse? But you'd have to get close enough to use it without getting bitten. 

andreweggplant --- 6 years ago -

When I was looking for dog repellant I saw a stun gun specifically made for dogs but it seems the dog would have to be closer than I want to use it 

gunsnroses --- 6 years ago -

Short Cattle prod would be better. Stun gun puts you up too close to the dog and his mouth in an attack. 

whatchamacallit --- 6 years ago -

That Pepper Blaster from the other thread seems like it might do the trick! 

DVaz --- 6 years ago -

A taser would give you the distance, but would only work on one dog. 

FANCY PANTS --- 6 years ago -

Pepper Blaster

I saw that. I think it would be good but it's only 2 shots and then you're out. 

JuanSequin --- 6 years ago -

Never used a stun gun but have had to use wasp spray on 2 stray dogs setting up at a deer lease last year. I just had a can on me to deal with wasp nests around my stand. The stuff really works and has a 15-20 ft range. These dogs were wild and wanted a piece of me. Had my sidearm ready too but didn't have to use it. A couple of shots to the face and they were gone. 

mutton --- 6 years ago -

Good point DVAZ! 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 6 years ago -

I would use an AK 47. 

mutton --- 6 years ago -


ladybeachbum --- 6 years ago -

I recently purchased a taser/flash light night stick for walking my dog or just jogging. It has plenty of battery left from charging before Christmas. The sound will probably scare them away but if attackd this has about 30 inches between your arm and the dog. 

FANCY PANTS --- 6 years ago -

taser/flash light night stick

I would like to find out more about this taser. What brand did you get? 

ladybeachbum --- 6 years ago -

Let me find the box and I will tell you. I bought it on Amazon I think. 

ladybeachbum --- 6 years ago -

Streetwise Security Products Streetwise Barbarian 9,000,000-volt Stun Baton, Flashlight
Sold by: LLC

ladybeachbum --- 6 years ago -

The flash light part is very bright and it scared the guys when I left it in my renal car a couple of weeks ago. I called to ask if it was there and they were impressed and asking what it was. I was just glad they didn't hurt themselves. 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 6 years ago -

my renal car

What exactly is that. Sounds painful. 

ladybeachbum --- 6 years ago -

Sorry, rental car! 

mutton --- 6 years ago -

Lol Emp, painful thought! 

FANCY PANTS --- 6 years ago -

Thanks! I'll look it up. 

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