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Yard Work - How Much to Pay?

who's talking here?

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RedC6Gal --- 7 years ago -

How much do you pay a middle school boy to do some landscape clean up work. Mainly cleaning out rocks and weeds? 

fuzz81 --- 7 years ago -

If your C6 is a Z06 then a lap around kingwood 

DVaz --- 7 years ago -

Maybe 40$ depending on how large the job is. 

RedMulch --- 7 years ago -

I pay $33 for a standard Kingwood front yard (SWH) and a patch in the back around the pool. 

Leila --- 7 years ago -

It would depend on how much work you have to do and how large of space you are talking about. 

Zapper009 --- 7 years ago -

Last year I paid 2 boys $30/hr for both.

They did a terrific job.

I was general clean-out and weeding only... 

ce1722 --- 7 years ago -

I live in N. Woodland Hills--average sized front yard / large backyard . I pay $35 to Everything Lawns and they do a beautiful job. 

RedC6Gal --- 7 years ago -

The work is just cleaning out river rock and weeds. Removing rock, washing, pulling weeds and putting it back. Not the entire yard, just sections. No mowing, blowing or weedeating. Just the labor of removing rocks. 

Zapper009 --- 7 years ago -

I pay $27 weekly for cutting and blowing. Takes about 11 minutes total... 

a889324uu --- 7 years ago -

Moving and cleaning rocks is a little more time consuming and labor intensive than just yard work.

I'd pay $100, or more depending on how much there was. 

Zapper009 --- 7 years ago -

1st get the people you want...

Then, get a written estimate.

Better to leave a written estimate - to avoid a misunderstanding later. 

Pixtor --- 7 years ago -

Better to heave a written estimate

More than once I've had to "heave" after getting a written estimate. 

Zapper009 --- 7 years ago -

My goat walked on my keyboard - and caused the spellin' error...lpol 

DVaz --- 7 years ago -

Teenage boy, just flirt with him and he'll do it for free. 

sheddy --- 7 years ago -

I do the rock around our house in sections at a time. I listen to the radio and it goes by pretty fast, but it is work. I pull, dig rock out, smooth and replace. The first year we lived here, I paid 1,400 for the rocks getting cleaned out, mulch, weeds pulled, trees and scrubs trimmed. It killed me to pay it, but there was an entire crew here busting their butts from sun up to sun down. It looked fantastic, but in four months it needed to be done all over again! Lol 

TinktheSprite --- 7 years ago -

Once clear, don't forget to put down some Preen 3 times a year. You won't have weeds in your rocks again. Or rather, not many. I agree with Sheddy. Working and cleaning rock is a peaceful job to me with great rewards in a little time. 

Not KU --- 7 years ago -

DVaz --- 6 hours ago - quote - hide comments

Teenage boy, just flirt with him and he'll do it for free.

In my landscaping days I was tempted by a lovely house wife daily. 7 days of shhhht eat n grinnin mmm mmm mmm 

DVaz --- 7 years ago -

In my landscaping days I was tempted by a lovely house wife daily. 7 days of shhhht eat n grinnin mmm mmm mmm?

Congrats my friend. Mature (Lol, 40 was mature MILF or GILF quality back then).ladies when you are a teen. There really is nothing better!

Statutory rape on a teen male, LMFAO! 

Not KU --- 7 years ago -


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