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Homeless man living in tent in woods- Pinehurst Trail near Fire Sign

who's talking here?

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a5892783uu --- 2 years ago -

I have discovered that a man is living in a tent in the woods on Pinehurst Trail near Fire Sign about 75 feet from the street next to the gas line easement. I have seen him come out and ride a light blue vintage looking bicycle in the area. Looks to be white in late 20's early 30's. Anybody know anything about this? 

Judas --- 2 years ago -

That would be Karras's husband. He'd rather be there than at home listening to her chronic whining. 

Dorothy Parker --- 2 years ago -

Did you speak with him? Call adult protective services? Alert the folks he's living by? 

Prolix Raconteur --- 2 years ago -

Brrrrrr. He camped out this past weekend?!!?!? 

wayward1 --- 2 years ago -

He may have just read Walden by Thoreau and felt inspired.

Mostly likely he's just a quasi-violent degenerate. 

Jpgirl --- 2 years ago -

Been there for months- the folks at had a discussion- the police have checked on him- he leaves and comes back. If it's the same one he has a minimum wage job but not enough for a place to live.
Adult Protective can not do anything unless he is being neglected or abused by someone else. Tried to get APS to help when my son was having issues last Spring- to no avail 

whatchamacallit --- 2 years ago -

I wouldn't recommend approaching him, he could be dangerous. After all, he is young and capable of riding a bike and is basically hiding in the woods. Maybe he is hiding from the police. They never found the get away driver from the home invasion shooting incident here in Kingwood. It could be him, fits the description. 

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