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Dems want to shut down the Government to protect illegal aliens.

who's talking here?

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Emperor of Kingwood --- 318 days ago -

The threat of a government shutdown has put Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.) in a tricky political situation.

Schumer has kept his caucus unified against President Trump?s major legislative drives on ObamaCare and tax reform, but he faces a more divided group of Democrats when it comes to protecting young immigrants who could face deportation next year. The internal debate has more to do with legislative strategy than the underlining issue.

Democrats generally back a legislative fix that would allow so-called Dreamers brought to the United States illegally as children to remain in the country.

But Democrats facing reelection next year in states that voted for Trump don?t want to risk a shutdown over the issue. 

DVaz --- 318 days ago -

They desperately need that voting block to win anything in the future. That's the ONLY reason they pretend to care. 

Markster --- 318 days ago -

Dems want to shut down the Government.

Even tho,
Republicans control the House, Senate, Whitehouse, and SC, its the dems fault. 

jackass --- 318 days ago -

Republicans control the House, Senate

Not much longer... 

whatchamacallit --- 318 days ago -

Yes, it is. You still haven't figured out that all of the current, so called liberal politicians, are going to be on the wrong side of history and will be remembered for being the self-serving, hypocrites that they are. 

Prolix Raconteur --- 318 days ago -

Funny. When the democrats had a super majority it was the republicans fault. Remember all the hand wringing and closing of monuments in DC to drive the point home? Total grandstanding. 

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