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Is there anyone that is in favor of getting rid of net neutraity?

who's talking here?

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Joe Blow 3
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Hiro Protagonist --- 66 days ago -

How is this possibly good for consumers? 

Hiro Protagonist --- 66 days ago -

This administration only cares about its corporate masters. 

the Markster --- 66 days ago -

Is there anyone that is in favor of getting rid of net neutrality?

News papers maybe oh yeah, & Net Giants that lobby our elected reps. 

Hiro Protagonist --- 66 days ago -

I've never heard a single person that is in favor of this, how can it be justified? When people start getting completely screwed by this will they start throwing people out of office? 

Joe Blow --- 66 days ago -

HELL NO. Can one of those in favor please explain rationally why they would favor such an atrocity please?

(Sigh, do I get extra points for saying 'please'? LMFAO) 

Joe Blow --- 66 days ago -

The Federal Communications Commission voted on Thursday to dismantle landmark rules regulating the businesses that connect consumers to the internet, granting broadband companies the power to potentially reshape Americans? online experiences.

We are f@#ked. Corporate control of our minds about to commence or should I say, further itself. Your brain is being infiltrated by what they want to show you: Trumpty Dump's personal news channel with the daughter in law, the one with botox lips.

SU is sunk. All traffice redirected to Kosmin at kingwood dot calm. 

Hiro Protagonist --- 66 days ago -

Still waiting for anyone to tell me how this will help the American people. 

witchywoman --- 66 days ago -

Well we know KU won't be on a premium channel. ;-) 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 65 days ago -

All that happened is to return to the Clinton era Internet rules of a free market Internet.

Name one person who was hurt by the lack of net neutrality rules prior to 2015? 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 65 days ago -

LOL @ Joey.............. the sky is falling! 

Prolix Raconteur --- 65 days ago -

Well, one could look at it as the government putting rules in place for something that never happened but possibly could happen. Or one could have the perspective that it was just one more tentacle of government overreach and intrusiveness where it wasn't warranted so it was dismantled.

Or you could go all Joey and stock up on beans and band-aids and strap on your civil defense helmet. 

Joe Blow --- 65 days ago -

Or you could go all Joey and stock up on beans and band-aids and strap on your civil defense helmet.?


Disney buys 19th Century Fox.


SoupIsGoodFood --- 65 days ago -

Beans and band-aids............ LOL

Don't forget the tin foil. 

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