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who's talking here?

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urabunchcats --- 289 days ago -



jackass --- 289 days ago -

Did he stop for a wardrobe change? 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 289 days ago -


urabunchcats --- 289 days ago -


kingwood resident --- 288 days ago -

Great uplifting State of the Union address, very presidential. Our President has done great things for America in one year. Awesome 

Prolix Raconteur --- 288 days ago -

Democrats purposely not standing or applauding for job growth, a strong economy, job repatriation, historic lows in unemployment, infrastructure fortification, national security etc pretty much says it all. They're truly bewildered and simply obstructionists at this point.

Illinois rep Gutierrez getting up and running out of the chamber when "USA" chants rang out was pure gold! LOL. 

urabunchcats --- 288 days ago -


jackass --- 288 days ago -

Seems like there was nothing to get too excited about and not much to criticize... 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 288 days ago -

Greatest thing about this speech?

It wasn't given by Hillary Clinton. 

Joe Blow --- 287 days ago -


jackass --- 287 days ago -

Greatest thing about this speech?

It wasn't given by Hillary Clinton.

That?s fair. It wasn?t given by anyone else either... 

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