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ATTN: Responsible Gun Owners

who's talking here?

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Judas --- 346 days ago -


urabunchcats --- 346 days ago -

Laws don't work with CRIMINALS!


jackass --- 346 days ago -

urabubnchfcats dodged the question....

Answer: they don't. 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 346 days ago -

The simpleton gun grabbers just don't get it. 

jackass --- 346 days ago -

Gun grabbers....the battle cry of the truly paranoid. don't worry soup, your gun is safe, no politician will ever ban guns, its as much a political suicide as outlawing abortion or church...

And yes, I'm still armed to the teeth...just not naive. 

witchywoman --- 346 days ago -

urabunchcats --- 345 days ago -

Laws only make it harder for

those who abide by the laws.

CRIMINALS don't abide to the laws. 

Sideboom --- 343 days ago -

How will you make it harder for the criminal or "dangerous" people to acquire a gun? Hell, drugs are illegal, drinking and driving is illegal, yet we still have it going on ALL the time I'm not worried about the tougher laws, I'm worried about the road we head down when we start infringing on my rights as an AMERICAN. Ask the Jews what happen. The Russians. The Chinese. Etc

We try to blame the gun, but not the car or needle. These kids shooting schools up sucks, but let's start with the parents and bullies. Hell I went to school with a shotgun on the back seat of my car most days. Either went dove hunting before or after school. Yep not one time did I hear about a school shooting. Let's educate and show compassion. That would be easier and a lot less expensive. We dang sure could accomplish more of we stopped bullying and hatred. Like anything else, you can pass all the laws you want, the criminal can and will go around it. 

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