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I joined this crazy place on 2008-12-06, 9 years ago.

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*February 2013 & Asteroid DA14? - 5 years ago

[i]So Lancelot, you are saying that I can't blame the asteroid for my weight gain, and that the world might get hit the next time it passes by? How long till the earth ends, I'll decide if it is worth...

Dead cow - 5 years ago

Maybe he was thinking of delivering it to his mate up in Porter. Oh wait....wrong sex.

Dead cow - 5 years ago

Redneck BubbaQ time, maggots and all. Better than long dead possums.

Another random attack in Kingwood? - 5 years ago

[i]Weren't kids, they were over 21. The truck they were driving was from south houston NOT here. So you need to figure out what the heck you are listening to. [/i] So why haven't they been arrested...

Sucks the family is going to get paid off - 5 years ago


Sucks the family is going to get paid off - 5 years ago


Made my 14 year old daughter mad at me tonight.... - 5 years ago

Maybe she missses the dogs you heartlessly dumped for your convenience. Yah think?

Why does KYS "close" on Sunday? - 5 years ago

[i]maybe if you had changed it to Job 40:4 it would [/i] Nobody gives a sheet what a far right crazy religious nut thinks. So stuff it, you know where.

AMMO QUESTION???? - 5 years ago

[i]one shot one kill. Doesn't matter how many. What matters is how good you are. I guess the liberals are just bad shots. [/i] She just got a gun. Give her more time. Maybe she might be able to hit...

Federal employees whine about their raises - 5 years ago

Yawn. SSDD complaints from those who lost the past five out of six major elections on a national level.

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