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Fire - 6 years ago

[i]The driver of the fire truck should have to make sure people are stopped befor they pull out. That light is in an odd place. Maybe it should be green all the time and turn yellow to allow the area ...

House Fire @ Mistletoe at Redbud- Fire Fighter has passed Away - 7 years ago

Here you go KeepKingwoodBeautiful(and whoever else would like to donate), A Benefit Account has been set up for the Groover family at the Houston Texas Fire Fighters Federal Credit Union. Account ...

House Fire @ Mistletoe at Redbud- Fire Fighter has passed Away - 7 years ago

[i]This is one of our guys who died for us. Could someone please post what we can do to help out. Does anyone know the proper protocol. Thanks in Advance?[/i] An account usually gets set up thro...

Kingwood fire - question on cause - 7 years ago

When ammunition explodes in a fire it just pops, there is no great pressure pushing the bullet in any direction like there is when you shoot a gun. Now if it is in a gun then it becomes dangerous, but...

Looking for hotel at or near Disneyworld. - 7 years ago

We just got back from Disney, I would recomend staying at one of the Disney resorts. They have shuttles to go back and forth to the parks so you don't have to drive and some parks open early or stay o...

what's the best gun for concealed carry? - 7 years ago

Go to a gun range that rents guns, try several out until you find one that is comfortable to hold and you can shoot. Make sure to take into account also how you will be carrying, in a purse, on your h...

Questions about "The Word of God" - 7 years ago

[i]A lot of Christians say the Bible is "the word of God". But isn't really the Bible stories from people who wrote what God supposedly told them? So for the sake of argument, let's say those people a...

What is the best food you can get at the Houston Live Stock Show? - 7 years ago

Deep fried Oreos are good, the deep fried brownie is sooo much better, comes with ice cream, hard for 1 person to eat it alone. There is a small trailer outside of the reliant center that has the best...

CHL - 7 years ago

BlueBird you are correct, I did not even think about school events, thank you. You can carry where alcohol is sold, just not where the 51% sign is.

CHL - 7 years ago

The rodeo that precedes the concert is a sporting event.

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