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'Chilling' testimony promised from Trump's former lawyer

who's talking here?

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Prolix Raconteur 2
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urabunchcats --- 84 days ago -


Prolix Raconteur --- 84 days ago -

Anybody seen the released manuscript for Cohen's book that he was working on when he got raided? Nothing but praise and accolades about everything Trump. LOL dude has ZERO credibility and is saying anything he thinks congress wants to hear since Mueller threatened to lock up his wife as well as him. These charade hearings will result in NOTHING. Just like the Mueller report. 

KwMillennial --- 81 days ago -

My statements weren't vague;

Maybe I should have said there was nothing of substance in your post. Just a bunch of “they got him this time” type of statements followed by a bunch of name calling, as if only the other side is dumb. It seems like most people here get caught up in that and no one wants to acknowledge the glaring stupidity of their own viewpoints.

I was expecting a message board that mostly discusses politics to fill the void left by the media. Instead, posters from both sides of political arguments do exactly what the talking heads on 24 hour news stations do - name calling, belief, and reaction statements.

I’m starting to realize this board is like watching snippets of MSNBC, spliced in with snippets of Foxnews. And I feel dumber for putting myself through this for the brief amount of time I come here. 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 81 days ago -


Emperor of Kingwood --- 81 days ago -

Do you understand how the legal process even works? 
Once an allegation is made, there is an investigation. trump seems to not want there to be ANY investigation into his financial dealings in ANY part. If he were innocent, common sense would reason that he would do anything to prove said innocence. 

Not that's incorrect. Anybody can make any allegation and it doesn't mean there's an automatic investigation looking for anything. 

KwMillennial --- 81 days ago -

That’s true. The standard for making an investigation has to be much more than “an allegation”.

My dad works in law enforcement and I should probably ask him, but I remember hearing him talking to the TV when some news stories came up, saying “there is no probable cause”

But there might be a difference between a criminal investigation and a congressional investigation. Congress might not need probable cause for that. 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 81 days ago -

Congress can investigate anything it wants. But, Congress has no prosecutorial ability.

Do you want them chasing rumors and allegations with non stop investigations or fixing roads, bridges, FAA, order security, social security, 

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