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Texas Supreme Court Suspends HERO ordinance

who's talking here?

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Max01 --- 5 years ago -

I guess my wife, niece, Mom and female friends can use the woman's bathroom without the worry some guy who feels like a woman, invading their privacy.

link title 

fuzz81 --- 5 years ago -

Invading their privacy? lol get over it max 

logic --- 5 years ago -


wayward1 --- 5 years ago -

I just like seeing the courts overturn legislation. 

fuzz81 --- 5 years ago -

Abbots statement is so stupid. "Freedom is not enforcing it so religious bigots can be morons" 

Blaze --- 5 years ago -

There is no place for a man in a woman's bathroom. 

Dorothy Parker --- 5 years ago -

If someone looks/acts like a woman, they will use the women's restroom. Regardless if they are/were biologically male.

That's been happening for years. 

fuzz81 --- 5 years ago -

Gender vs sex. Different thing. So which bathroom do you suggest they use? Or should we add a third bathroom? What do we call it? "Others" yup freedom 

Butterbean --- 5 years ago -

One rest room for all.

Oughta' be an interesting election. 

a889324uu --- 5 years ago -

Japanese aren't this hung up on peeing and pooping.

I miss living there. No open doors, in the middle of the park, just kumbayaing in the pooper, men and women together, grunting and squeezing.

No big deal. Only in America could someone sexualize a natural body function. 

a889324uu --- 5 years ago -

Gender vs sex. Different thing.

Only to smart people. Those that leave a bloody trail of knuckle juice think it's the same LMAO 

fuzz81 --- 5 years ago -

I can only poop next to men with a 1" solid steel divider. Wouldn't want a woman to think my weewee was exposed, how scary. 

fuzz81 --- 5 years ago -

Bloody trail of knuckle juice hahaha love it 

a889324uu --- 5 years ago -

I can only poop next to men with a 1" solid steel divider. Wouldn't want a woman to think my weewee was exposed, how scary.?


I've peed in horse stalls, pastures, side of the road, backyards, men's restrooms, women's restrooms with male workers in there, Mark Wills' tour bus with the door open, anywhere and everywhere I had to go.

I don't get it. I simply do not get the big deal about a bathroom. 

steinhoister2016 --- 5 years ago -

I simply do not get the big deal about a bathroom.


a889324uu --- 5 years ago -

But of course, I was pooping with the door open day one with my husband, so what do I know? I'm gross. 

fuzz81 --- 5 years ago -

Pooping with the door open is the only way to go. Who wants to be closed up in a tiny room? Plus it smells more in a small space. 

a889324uu --- 5 years ago -


We bought and moved into a new home in December. My favorite part of the house, aside from the incredible cathedral ceilings and GORGEOUS brick fireplace, are the SALOON DOORS on both wet bars and our master bedroom toilet. My husband HATES them, especially in the bathroom and wants them removed, but I love them so much.

If I am pooping and he's in the bathroom, he has to close them...says it makes him uncomfortable when I stare at him. Reminds him of watching his black lab poop out a peach pit when he was a kid.

But as soon as he closes the saloon doors, I do a John Wayne whistle and swing 'em back open. 

fuzz81 --- 5 years ago -

LOL nice!! We have French doors from the master into the bathroom and library (floor to ceiling bookcases, wife wants a ladder now). Do you mean actual saloon doors like half sized with curved tops that swing both ways? 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 5 years ago -

I can't bring myself to poop a serious post chili and tamale poop anywhere near a woman. 

Dorothy Parker --- 5 years ago -

Who poops in public places?

I will hold it until I get

We have a lot of work poopers at my's so weird to me. And stinky. :/ 

a889324uu --- 5 years ago -

Who poops in public places?

I will hold it until I get

We have a lot of work poopers at my's so weird to me. And stinky. :/?

I don't poop in public, but I too know what it feels like to be going tee-tee and the accounting clerk in the stall next to you is evacuating her bowels, loudly and proudly.

Sometimes, you can even hear a little grunt. And often, once they leave the stall I hear the bathroom door open immediately. Um, I didn't hear any water!!!!!!!


Perfection --- 5 years ago -

So if it isn't a big deal why did the mayor push through rules about it? 

fuzz81 --- 5 years ago -

The mayor passed an ordinance for equality (Houston equal rights ordinance). The governor put it on hold cause God n' stuff. You know, things that don't agree with religious ideology apparently infringe on people's rights somehow. Nobody is able to explain how or why. 

Perfection --- 5 years ago -

The mayor passed. Not the voters passed.

The law is the voters are allowed to have a vote and now they get it. 

OhSlap --- 5 years ago -

"Gentials do not determine gender, brain-orientation does"

This is the insanity we have reached in society....

Read this article to see the full extent of the illogical fallacy of the modern mind....

My penis does not make me male 

Judas --- 5 years ago -

I defacate wherever I need to. 

fuzz81 --- 5 years ago -

OhSlap, where did you learn how the human brain works? 

fuzz81 --- 5 years ago -

Must have been your cousin with a PhD in neuroscience. Son of the detective. 

voice of reason --- 2 years ago -

is this o.p. still around? i.s.o. some of the old posters. 

RayofHope --- 2 years ago -

One of my daughters told me that she avoids Target because they let men go into women bathrooms (with women in the bathrooms). 

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