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What a peaceful day on KU

who's talking here?

CavemanBarney 1
RedMulch 2
SagaciousSighFiGurl 2
3rd generation hippie 1
TinktheSprite 1
Judas 2
Markster 2
Butterbean 1
mutton 4
fuzz81 1
SiFi Raging Menstrual Cycles 1
UglyFuzzyJudasWantsACracker 1

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Judas --- 3 years ago -

Mr Rogers Neighborhood theme song here 

RedMulch --- 3 years ago -

It was, wasn't it? I take credit for posting my flowers and plants and washer troubles. No need to thank me. My pleasure. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 3 years ago -

All your enemies are in the cooler! So, no one to argue with! If it were you guys in the brig, the right wingers would be saying the same about you guys. LOL

Let us join in a moment of celebratory song! I'd like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony. I'd like to but the world a coke!! 

mutton --- 3 years ago -

Or is on it? 

RedMulch --- 3 years ago -

Or is on it?

too much goose? what does that mean? Is it English or something? 

mutton --- 3 years ago -

Sifi said the world is a coke... 

SiFi Raging Menstrual Cycles --- 3 years ago -


mutton --- 3 years ago -


CavemanBarney --- 3 years ago -


fuzz81 --- 3 years ago -

Ever notice when you ice that crowd, they create alts and post crap like that.

I'm sure everyone can guess who it is. 

3rd generation hippie --- 3 years ago -

Even I can figure it out. Good golly. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 3 years ago -

I am going to be honest....i was ROFLMAO!! That name and the whole schtick is hysterical. But, hes on ice, yet again! Lol lol lol 

TinktheSprite --- 3 years ago -

Question: How many iced members does it take to raise the temperature in the Ice Box to where it no longer ices? 

mutton --- 3 years ago -

Depends on how many are truly in there? 

Markster --- 3 years ago -

No alts here. 

Butterbean --- 3 years ago -

The ice box must be smelly by now. 

Markster --- 3 years ago -

The ice box must be smelly by now.?
Not from here. Lol. Another derp-free-day in da-hood. 

UglyFuzzyJudasWantsACracker --- 3 years ago -

Judy needs some love. Xoxo. 

Judas --- 3 years ago -




Peace is up today as they start filtering out of the box. Everyone pay attention to where the hate eminates from. 

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