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Patriots visit Trump and things GET UGLY FAST

who's talking here?

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Judas --- 6 years ago -


The New England Patriots are the professional sports team most closely associated with President Donald Trump, so it was fitting that they were the first championship team to visit Trump in the White House.

Many of them visited on Wednesday, anyway. Many others skipped the trip.

Perhaps the most awkward moment of a fairly routine speech by a president to a winning team ? including owner Robert Kraft presenting Trump with a No. 45 Patriots jersey and coach Bill Belichick giving him a helmet ? came when Trump mentioned receiver Danny Amendola for his fourth-down catch in Super Bowl LI. Amendola was one of the players who skipped the trip.

?The fourth-down conversion conversion by Danny Amendola, where is Danny?? Trump said, looking back to the players behind him for Amendola before apparently being told Amendola wasn?t there. ?Way to go, Danny.?

Trump seemed to go out of his way to avoid mentioning players who weren?t on the White House trip, which made the Amendola moment stand out. 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 6 years ago -

Wow. Really reaching there, Joey. 

jackass --- 6 years ago -


JustWatching --- 6 years ago -

He really is reaching if that's all he can talk about. 

Are we great again yet --- 6 years ago -

Why didn't he mention the MVP Tom Terrific?
Thought he was his good friend.
He was a no show, wonder why? 

DVaz --- 6 years ago -

Why didn't he mention the MVP Tom Terrific?
Thought he was his good friend.
He was a no show, wonder why?

Someone in his family is extremely ill via ESPN. 

freebyrdll --- 6 years ago -

His mother has cancer 

Are we great again yet --- 6 years ago -

Still doesn't answer the first question. not even thoughts & prayers type of shout out. What a ignorant child azzwipe 

witchywoman --- 6 years ago -

No kidding. Trump doesn't care that his mother had cancer. He just feels snubbed because it's all about him... all day everyday... all the time. 

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