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Suddenlink meltdown.....they suck!

who's talking here?

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witchywoman --- 1 years ago -

It is now impossible to get a hold of them over the phone. I have unplugged and rebooted everything for the internet and the cable. They are down more often than they are up these days. Is there any other option other than to storm into their office on West Lake Houston tomorrow morning? I am fit to be tied.

I guess it's time for Dish TV.

Screw Suddenlink. The customer service absolutely sucks these days 

OLDBIKER --- 1 years ago -

I guess you were gone but last month a had a little rain, and water can screw a lot of things up, its a little to soon for you to whining about stuff, don't be such a moron. 

Prolix Raconteur --- 1 years ago -

No, they've always sucked. Just more lately. 

TinktheSprite --- 1 years ago -

Rude, Oldbiker. 

witchywoman --- 1 years ago -

Exactly, Prolix and Sprite.

They reinforced their horrible customer service during our interactions today. 

Judas --- 1 years ago -

Screw Suddenlink. The customer service absolutely sucks these days?

They always suck and have for years. 

Judas --- 1 years ago -

don't be such a moron.?

Why hasn't OLDBIKER been iced for this name calling? 

witchywoman --- 1 years ago -


Joe Blow --- 1 years ago -

Why hasn't OLDBIKER been iced for this name calling??

Because the modding here isn't even across the board. You'd be iced for it, rest assured. 

Markster --- 1 years ago -


They suck 

whatchamacallit --- 1 years ago -

Suddenlink definitely is poor service, at it's best. Internet here clicks off and on all day long, for no apparent reason. 

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