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12-year-old charged with murder in fatal Texas shooting of 10-year-old brother

who's talking here?

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Let Logic Prevail --- 77 days ago -

A 10-year-old Texas boy was shot to death after his 12-year-old sibling allegedly got access to a gun and shot the child in the chest, authorities said on Sunday.

The fatal shooting occurred on Saturday afternoon at a rural property in Conroe, about 50 miles south of Houston, according to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

"Based on the investigation conducted by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, a 12-year-old sibling has been charged with murder and is currently in custody in the Montgomery County Juvenile Detention Facility," Lt. Scott Spencer of the sheriff's office said in a statement on Sunday.

The name of the juvenile charged in the case was not released; the boy who died wasn't named, either.

Spencer said police were called to a home in Conroe about 2:40 p.m. local time on Saturday and found the young victim suffering from a single bullet wound to the chest. He said the boy was taken to a local hospital, where he died.

Sheriff's officials declined to say where the juvenile homicide suspect obtained the weapon.

(MORE: 11-year-old boy kills grandmother after being told to clean his room: Officials)

The shooting marked at least the third time in seven months that a child 12 years old or younger has been investigated in a homicide in the United States. 

KwMillennial --- 77 days ago -

What change in law would have prevented this Joe? Intelligence tests for gun ownership might help, but I don’t think that will ever happen.

As much as I would like to see a reduction in the amount of guns Americans buy, I don’t see a way to reduce the demand for them. Do you?

In my opinion, the best thing we can do is support changes that help communities reduce violent crime rates. The safer people feel, the fewer people will believe that arming themselves for personal protection is necessary. 

OrdinaryGuy --- 77 days ago -

Joe Blow --- 17 min ago - quote - hide comments
In Conroe?!

We love guns! Guns guns and more guns! Guns for everyone!

I bet you want us to give up guns like the people of Venezuela did. Look what it got them. 

Prolix Raconteur --- 77 days ago -

The parents/gun owners who left guns unsecured and easily available to those kids at totally at fault. They should be prosecuted. 

OrdinaryGuy --- 77 days ago -

I agree. I have guns. If I had children they would be put up. 

TinktheSprite --- 77 days ago -

BOTH the parents and the child should be tried and sentenced. The fact that the child had access is the parents' fault. The child knew the difference between right and wrong and should be tried as an adult. He is old enough to know guns kill and *meant* to kill his brother. 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 77 days ago -

As much as I would like to see a reduction in the amount of guns Americans buy,

Why? Is it any of your business how many guns anyone owns? 

KwMillennial --- 76 days ago -

Why? Is it any of your business how many guns anyone owns? 

Nobody said it was my business. But am I not allowed to have an opinion?

It’s a similar mindset stereotypical old farts have when they want to see people taking fewer selfies, being less involved in social media, spending less time reading from their phones instead of paper newspapers and magazines, fewer liberal arts degrees, less avocado toast, a reduction in the amount of rap music and metalcore being played, And so on.

I want to see a reduction in the amount of guns, because I view that as a trashy redneck culture not much different than the gangsta culture that also glorified gun ownership. If there is a reduction in gun ownership through cultural change, then that’s probably a sign we have become a more peaceful culture. If a reduction in guns comes from big government legislating with a heavy hand, then we have probably become a more totalitarian state that needs to hang on to guns. 

I_won't_tell --- 76 days ago -





a845652uu --- 76 days ago -

Why? Is it any of your business how many guns anyone owns? 

So you're all for personal liberties as long as it's for liberties that YOU personally believe in but you're not for women's personal liberties. Is that what they would call a macho man control freak? 

KwMillennial --- 76 days ago -

Is that sterilized language to refer to abortion?

If you’re not talking about abortion, then what women’s liberties are you referring to that still need protecting? 

a845652uu --- 76 days ago -

I think we should sterilize all gun freaks so they don't pass on that macho violence gene. Great idea.

You must be a male since you are delusional about the treatment of women in society. ;-p 

KwMillennial --- 76 days ago -

Call it delusion if you will. But why not try to educate me? Isn’t that better than staying silent?

How are women treated differently in this country due to their gender ?

I don’t need to know how some religions train men to think about women, so filter that out and let’s talk about the mistreatment that’s left over. 

a845652uu --- 76 days ago -

Pay inequality. It's a fact that women are paid less for performing the exact same job. That's just one quick example. One would think you were aware of that fact. 

KwMillennial --- 76 days ago -

I’ve heard that and read about it when it became a political slogan a few years ago but I never saw good evidence.

I did listen to a podcast where the salaries of Uber drivers were compared based on gender. You would think that in a system like Uber where passengers do not get to select the gender of their driver that salaries would be equal. But they weren’t. Women still got paid less. The reason was women made different decisions than men. Men valued money making strategies more than women. Women were aware of those strategies, they just did not choose them. So it got me thinking if that kind of free choice has something to do with salary differences.

Do you have a study comparing salary that filters out the different choices men and women make that you can post? Or do you think pay comparisons to describe the issue should not filter out or normalize the comparisons by hours worked, and things like that? 

KwMillennial --- 76 days ago -

Here’s a Harvard study that addresses it and makes the point better than I did:

Seems legit to me. What facts are being overlooked? 

KwMillennial --- 76 days ago -

Here’s the podcast transcript about the Uber study 

Prolix Raconteur --- 76 days ago -

I think we should sterilize all gun freaks so they don't pass on that macho violence gene. Great idea.

You must be a male since you are delusional about the treatment of women in society. ;-p

HAHAHA Miss U found an Alt...LOL...

"Facts be damned, my emotions and misinformation lead the charge!" 

OrdinaryGuy --- 76 days ago -

but you're not for women's personal liberties

Maybe he's for the liberties of the unborn child! 

Miss Understanding --- 73 days ago -

G_U_N H_U_G_G_E_R_S U_N_I_T_E!!!!! 

OrdinaryGuy --- 73 days ago -

G_U_N H_U_G_G_E_R_S U_N_I_T_E!!!!! 

More like people who believe in the 2nd Amendment unite! 

sdanielmcev --- 73 days ago -

The second amendment is there to protect citizens from government oppression. While tragic, this type of shooting more than likely would be more common with more oppressive laws. Less education in firearms is not the way to go. 

sdanielmcev --- 73 days ago -

There should be some kind of asterisk for threads invaded by women libbers
Fun fact: women's lib is code for women's liberal movement. 

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