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NEED Roofing Recommendations

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MyOpinion --- 8 years ago -

I need to replace my roof. Anyone have a personal experience that was good? or a bad roofer(to avoid)? thanks for the help 

dirtygert --- 8 years ago -

Wesco was very good!!! and local 

K.T. --- 8 years ago -

Wesco, great owners. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 8 years ago -


Now I want a donut. 

Cookin' Queen --- 8 years ago -

Had my roof replaced 9 years ago and it was $4000 for a 2350 sq foot one store home plus to car garage. My neighbor recently had a new one put on and it was $14000 (same size house). I called the guy who did mine ( he had done 3 different homes for me thru the years ) and asked would it would cost in today'a market. He said it would charge $6000. Get a few bids. If they seem high pm me and I will send you his number. 

mamatooboys --- 7 years ago -

4 star roofing. they have been in KW for over 30 yrs. A+ rating with BBB. Ask for Tom. 

Puss In Boots --- 7 years ago -

Double ditto on Wesco. They did some excellent commercial work for us. 

Butterbean --- 7 years ago -

Ron Potok. Replaced our roof years ago and did some storm damage repairs.

Excellent work, Fair price.

Highly recommend. 

trailwoodmom --- 7 years ago -

We used Ron Potok twice and he did wonderful work. Having said that, when we first hired him, it was a toss-up among him, Wesco and 4-Star. They're all good except my most recent experience in getting bids 4-star took several days to return my call and a week or so to give me a bid. Normally not a big deal but we were in tight negotiations with the previous homeowner. Ron came out the same day. But, as mentioned, all of them are very good. 

path --- 7 years ago -

Just had my roof replaced by 4 Star Roofing, a local company for 25+ years. They did an awesome job and I am very well pleased!! They came back with a bid in within a week. 

DNA Comics --- 7 years ago -

Everyone gets busy but 4 Star Roofing by far has the best reputation and has been located in KW for over 30 years. They have an actual office, too. (Not just working out of a truck) 

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