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Memory foam mattresses - Yay or Nay

who's talking here?

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Gotcats 1
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Lillabeth 4
Warren Peace 11
Happyasalark 2
AwesomeTattooedDragon 2
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winjer 1
SagaciousSighFiGurl 1
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Warren Peace --- 5 years ago -

Are they worth the money?

Is there much difference among brand names and models?

How do they hold up over time?

Are they as comfortable as traditional spring mattresses?

Do beds squeak less when various physical activities take place on top of them? 

RenMan --- 5 years ago -

We looked at memory foam, but went with a handmade Aireloom mattress over springs. Very comfortable.....and no squeaks :) 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

There's so much out there, one has to do their home work. I have back issues and I can tell you the right mattress is the difference between actually sleeping and not sleeping.

I have a high quality mattress that's really firm...but not memory foam. 

RumRunner --- 5 years ago -

We bought a TempurPedic in 2003 -- love it! Well worth every penny. Never again going back to anything but memory foam. 

Gotcats --- 5 years ago -

We bought a Tempur-Pedic at Mattress Firm. We tried it for a week, but didn't like it, so we tried another TP. Kept it for 2 weeks and went back to conventional mattress. They will let you change as often as you want, just pay the delivery fee (I think it was 60) but it's worth it to be happy with the large investment. We were in the show room a few hours before we decided on the first one and were sure it was the right choice.I'm glad we did buy there for sure!! 

Warren Peace --- 5 years ago -

Well I'm not sure I'd want to buy a mattress that has been test-driven. Does Mattress Firm make it known that some of their mattresses might have prior "mileage" on them? 

Happyasalark --- 5 years ago -

We finally bought a Tempur-Pedic after having several spring mattresses and pillow tops. Best thing we ever did. The spring/pillow tops would always start to dip after 2-3 years. We bought the Tempur-Pedic about 4-5 years ago and have no complaints. We will never have anything else. 

Warren Peace --- 5 years ago -

What do Tempur-Pedics cost? 

ukchristine --- 5 years ago -

Really...does anybody know if they sell used ones as new? Not good if they do. 

ukchristine --- 5 years ago -

Oh and btw mattresses are on sale this weekend (sarc/laugh font) 

Warren Peace --- 5 years ago -

I guess I should have not presumed that they resell the mattresses, but what else can they do with returned mattresses other than clean and put back in inventory? 

Happyasalark --- 5 years ago -

I don't remember what we paid. We bought the adjustable one and it is great. At the time we bought it, Mattress Giant was have 0% financing so we just did that and paid it off before incurring any financing charges. 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 5 years ago -

I don't think it's legal for them to resell a mattress...I have a Tempurpedic and we love it- 

Lillabeth --- 5 years ago -

Memory Foam mattresses are not for couples who still enjoy lots of "sexy time". Memory foam doesn't really give or move. Couples need a little give and take from a mattress. 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 5 years ago -

how about a trampoline? lol!! 

Defcon1 --- 5 years ago -

Memory foam makes my back hurt. I do like the memory foam pillows, however. 

freebyrdII --- 5 years ago -

Lillabeth --- 3 min ago - quote - hide comments
Memory Foam mattresses are not for couples who still enjoy lots of "sexy time". Memory foam doesn't really give or move. Couples need a little give and take from a mattress.

DITTO.... Not "nite nite playtime" friendly!!! 

Himura Hitokiri --- 5 years ago -

The memory foam toppers are great for getting the comfort without the expense of a full-size memory foam mattress.

Plus, they still let the regular mattress do the right recreational movements. 

Warren Peace --- 5 years ago -

I'm not sure I get this not good for sexy time thing...

It seems like it would be better for Mrs Peace to not have her head pounded into the headboard. A mattress with less give and take should be a good thing. No? 

Lillabeth --- 5 years ago -

Umm, how can I post this on KU in an appropriate manner.... It's hard to get comfortable. The mattress doesn't move very well. Knees and back sink into the mattress. 

luv2massage --- 5 years ago -

Mattress Firm sells their returns at their discount centers. It is disclosed that the mattress you are buying might be one that was returned. 

Warren Peace --- 5 years ago -

I was thinking better knee traction should help with leverage. Similar exercises on the floor where knees slide around due to sweat can be problematic. 

Warren Peace --- 5 years ago -

Mattress Firm sells their returns at their discount centers. It is disclosed that the mattress you are buying might be one that was returned.

Good to know. Thanks. But what are some of the business names used as their discount centers? I love a good discount, but would not want a used mattress for the home. I can't really reason through it though since we all have no problems with used mattresses in hotel rooms. 

Himura Hitokiri --- 5 years ago -

but would not want a used mattress for the home.

Go to Harbor Freight and buy a little mechanic's blacklight...certain body fluids flouresce under blacklight... 

Lillabeth --- 5 years ago -

All body fluids will glow under a backlight. Not just semen. I use those when I'm at a storage auction and want to see how "used" that cute couch really is. 

Lillabeth --- 5 years ago -

WP, I'm not trying to talk you out of buying one. As a mom of five; who clearly loves alone time with her hubby.... That is not the best mattress for late-night Olympics ;) 

freebyrdII --- 5 years ago -

Ewwwwww. wwwwwwwe........ 

FANCY PANTS --- 5 years ago -

My dear MIL just got a new mattress. When it was delivered it had a stain and a hole on the bottom of the mattress. It must have been tried out by someone as it appeared to be used. We had to call customer service and make them deliver a new mattress. When the new mattress was delivered I noticed that it was still in the factory packaging. The first mattress was not wrapped in anything. You do have to be careful when buying a new mattress. Be sure to check and see if the mattress is still in the original packaging before they take it off the truck. 

TinktheSprite --- 5 years ago -

Love the Memory Foam toppers. I can't feel 230lb DH when he flips to his other side. Used to be he would bounce me off the bed! Currently shopping for Memory Foam Sleep Number. 

Warren Peace --- 5 years ago -

Here's a link from Amazon which shows a memory foam mattress from Sleep Innovations (link title)

The queen size is priced at a very reasonable $430 with free shipping. What really catches my eyes is the reviews. 928 reviews with an average of 4 1/2 stars. That's a pretty significant sample size.

It's tempting, but what the heck do people do with old mattresses when not buying a new one from a local business that would normally remove the old one? 

Gigix4 --- 5 years ago -

what the heck do people do with old mattresses when not buying a new one from a local business that would normally remove the old one

Well, I guess you call Junky Business to haul it off - maybe for a small fee.
I know I have seen some folks put it out for the trash folks but not sure if there is a limit according to size. 

getreal84 --- 5 years ago -

We bought the one at Sam's and absolutely live it! 

Warren Peace --- 5 years ago -

Junky Business...I need to remember that service. 

SleightOfHand --- 5 years ago -

What about the adjustable foundations? I know they make the beds very comfortable but do they hold up? 

Just stuck --- 5 years ago -

Try a IComfort memory foam, very comfortable & less than Tempa-pedic. IComfort is a memory foam with gel to keep it cool. Originally a lot of people complained that the T-p were hot. We love the Icomfort had it for about a year. 

Pollys Crackers --- 5 years ago -

Hate my memory foam!!! And what they are saying about other activity is true. Very true!!! 

Warren Peace --- 5 years ago -

I guess I need to go to a mattress store and simulate these activities on their memory foam models. There's no way Mrs Peace would participate in such an exercise, nor would she even want to be in the same building as me during said testing...but it seems that this is the one potential compromise on a memory foam that could be a deal-breaker. 

winjer --- 5 years ago -

We have the Serta iComfort and love it.

A good review site is Sleep Like The Dead, they even have a "Sex Friendly" rating for each bed.

Sleep Like The Dead 

Warren Peace --- 5 years ago -


You need to post more often. You happened to bring this thread full circle. You gave it a nice finishing move. You brought it to the peak of satisfaction after nearly 24 hrs of solid e-foreplay.

That link is exactly what this thread needed.

Your link reveals the following trade-offs of a memory foam mattress for those concerned about some of the described down-side issues with these mattresses. Let's take a look:

Advantages Of Sex On A Memory Foam Mattress
1. Discrete sex. Because the mattress is heavy, absorbs motion and does not bounce, the bed moves little during sex. This allows sex to take place with no one in the next room being aware of it. This could be especially beneficial for parents who seek to keep their intimate moments secret from their kids.

2. Comfort. The mattress often gives enough so that knees, butt, elbows, hands, etc. don't get uncomfortable. This allows a person to stay in certain positions longer without fatigue or discomfort.

3. Faster climax. The bed's traction or sinking-in effect may allow for more efficiency of movement, resulting in faster and easier climax.

4. New, different positions. The bed's traction or sinking-in effect may allow people to have sex in positions that they could not perform (or not perform as well or easily) on other types of beds. This is especially true of high-density memory foam mattresses, such as certain Tempurpedic models.

Disadvantages Of Sex On A Memory Foam Mattress
1. Impedes "active" sex. Some owners say that the way a person sinks into the foam provides too much "traction" which can discourage partners from moving around and changing positions often. And given memory foam's temperature sensitivity, this can be especially true in higher room temperatures. Lower-density memory foam mattresses, however, tend to be easier to move on than higher-density memory foam mattresses.

2. Requires more energy. Similar to the above point, owners say that because of the traction or sinking-in effect of the bed, you can tire more quickly. Some even complain of cramping and pulled muscles. Again, most complaints on this issue are for higher-density memory foam mattresses.

3. No bounce. Since a memory foam bed is motion absorbing, it has little or no bouncing effect. Some owners say this makes it difficult to get into a rhythm and can cause sex to seem awkward.

4. Lack of edge support. Some models lack adequate support along the edges of the bed. Making love near an edge, therefore, may result in one or both persons rolling off the bed. 

patchycat --- 5 years ago -

These comments are helping me decide what mattress to buy! 

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