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'Rules Cards' for Children in Montrose Restaurant

who's talking here?

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OhBrother --- 3 years ago -

Bravo to this family restaurant. Many parents fail to train their children to behave in public and I for one am tired of having my dinners out ruined by disobedient, I'll-mannered children and irresponsible parents.
Rules Card for Children 

TinktheSprite --- 3 years ago -

Good for them! They need rule cards at Three B's. Some parents just have to be TOLD that their kids' behavior is unacceptable. If restaurants can have dress codes, they can have expected rules for children's behavior. 

whatchamacallit --- 3 years ago -

Bravo! I hope this catches on! 

Dorothy Parker --- 3 years ago -

It's sad they have to do that at all. If your child cannot sit through a meal, they shouldn't be in a restaurant. There is no excuse for a child to climb a wall or ruin paint or jump on the furniture. Do they allow their kids to do that crap at home?

I will discipline other people's kids in public if their parents refuse to do so...I don't want to hear incessant screaming or rude behavior. Get control of your kids, people. 

*LOL* --- 3 years ago -

The thing is the parents that need the instruction will be the most likely to ignore it. Also, some places just aren't appropriate for young children yet their parents don't consider that factor. 

a4947438uu --- 3 years ago -

RULE CARDS should be in every resturant except Chucky Cheese ! 

DVaz --- 3 years ago -

I wonder how long before a liberal claims this is some form of discrimination... 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 3 years ago -

This is why I won't go back to 3Bs. 

fuzz81 --- 3 years ago -

Most of the "adults" here would benefit from rule cards. Rule #1: don't be a selfish bigot. Maybe your kids won't be douchebags if you lead by example 

FANCY PANTS --- 3 years ago -

Bravo to this family restaurant.

Rules Card for Children should be in every restaurant. Some parents just do not want to be bothered with making their child behave. If that is the case they should hire a baby sitter and leave the little brats at home. 

mutton --- 3 years ago -

What I find sad is that the parents need to have what is acceptable behaviour pointed out... 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 3 years ago -

Its painfully obvious by the posts who has and has not raised adult children here. 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 3 years ago -

What I find sad is that the parents need to have what is acceptable behaviour pointed out...

They are called millennial and gen x 

fuzz81 --- 3 years ago -

Hahaha Emp you're so bitter. Is there anything you don't despise? 

AMDG --- 3 years ago -

This is just one more example of "it is all about me". No thought for what your actions mean to anyone else. Mom and dad want to eat there, no concern what there kids actions my due to other diners. Don't want to wait in the line getting off the highway, cut in at the end, need a nine car garage, build one, drive 30 mph in the left lane, too bad.

Seems like everyone is so focused on their rights, they forget others have rights too. I may be just getting too old, but manners, and the common courtesy of being aware of what you are doing, has an effect on others seems to be on the way out. 

fuzz81 --- 3 years ago -

I agree AMDG, but who raised the new generation? ;) also all democratic parents I know have extremely well behaved, respectful parents. It's the blowhards that have little brats. 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 3 years ago -

AMDG, this is the byproduct of the trophy for participation generation. 

AMDG --- 3 years ago -

Yea, no clue yet why, sure there is a whole series of things that are behind it. Old saying I remember from the service come to mind. You get what you inspect. This for lack of better word selfishness, seems almost accepted now. Think folks would have been called on it more before. 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 3 years ago -

Yep, I still use that with my staff at work, what gets inspected gets respected. 

Leila --- 3 years ago -

I have no qualms about speaking up to annoying children. If they are running around a restaurant or standing up in a booth and leaning into mine (I had a little girl attempt to rearrange my hair one day!) I will tell them they need to go sit down or whatever. I don't care if offends their parents or not. Most of the time the child does as requested and the parent just shrugs their shoulders in a helpless manner and gives me a weak smile.

Once a stupid mother told her child "I guess you have to sit down now and stop annoying that grouchy lady". Ha! Yeah, because annoying a pleasant lady would be okay, right? 

FANCY PANTS --- 3 years ago -

I had a little girl attempt to rearrange my hair one day!

OMG! That is too funny! But, I would not like it myself. That mom is stupid for not making her kid leave people alone.

Things like this do not just happen in restaurants. The kid relentlessly kicking the back of your chair at the movies or on an airplane is also very agitating. The parents act as though they don't know what their little darling is doing. 

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