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Pit bull just attacked our dog on Greenbelt Trails in Hunters Ridge

who's talking here?

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KingwoodPCRepair --- 2 years ago -

Please help me find the owners or the pitt bull and the dog. This attack occurred around 3:15pm on the Greenbelt Trails in Hunters Ridge between Clear Falls Dr and Glade Forest Dr. The only description I have is a medium size Pit Bull, white with brown spots. I do not know if it had a collar. My dog was on a leash and is in critical care at an emergency vet clinic right now. Luckily there was a woman near by who helped my daughter get our dog free from the Pit Bull. I talked to neighbors in that area and apparently this dog has been around the area loose before. If you have any information about this dog please respond to this post. Thank you. FYI I contacted police who have responded but there's only so much they can do since the dog got away. 

Zapper009 --- 2 years ago -

Did you call the police, yet?

What if was a small child or and elderly person, instead? 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 2 years ago -

So sorry this happened to you and your dog. That dog needs to be put down. Please let us know how your dog is doing. I hope you find the owners. 

FANCY PANTS --- 2 years ago -

I'm so sorry about your dog. I hope you find that pit bull. It will be hard to make the owners own up to what their dog did. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 2 years ago -

Why would it be hard? He has a dog in the ER, and an eye witness. What's going to be hard is finding the dog, and the owner.

I hope the OP got the woman's name who helped him. 

KingwoodPCRepair --- 2 years ago -

Thank God our dog is going to be ok. $900 later we are home from the emergency room with narrowly avoiding neck surgery. With a shaved back, it's horrible to see what this dog did and I just can't help but think this is the direct result of a negligent dog owner who probably hasn't the slightest idea of what responsibility comes with owning a dog like that. I cringe at thinking about all the small children I passed by while looking for this dog that was on the loose. This could have ended so much worse. Thanks for all the concern. It really means a lot. And to the kind lady who helped my daughter, if you are out there reading this post, I would like to personally thank you for saving our dogs life. 

mutton --- 2 years ago -


whatchamacallit --- 2 years ago -

FANCY PANTS --- 3 hours ago - quote - hide comments
I'm so sorry about your dog. I hope you find that pit bull. It will be hard to make the owners own up to what their dog did.?

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 2 hours ago - quote - hide comments
Why would it be hard? He has a dog in the ER, and an eye witness. What's going to be hard is finding the dog, and the owner.

Even if they do actually find the dog and his owner, you think they are going to just admit that their dog did this, while out wandering alone on the greenbelt? I don't think so, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to get them to admit it, even if they know their dog is violent.
Often owners of vicious dogs are more concerned about their dog being put down than they are of the risk their dog poses to other dogs and to people.

It would be nice if the owner just admitted it but that is not very likely, unless it is on video. It will be your and the witness word, against the owners word. 

3rd generation hippie --- 2 years ago -

What's wrong with you? There is an eyewitness unrelated to the people who got attacked. 

FANCY PANTS --- 2 years ago -

What's wrong with you? There is an eyewitness unrelated to the people who got attacked.?

They said they did not get the eyewitnesses name. Has she come forward? 

gunsnroses --- 2 years ago -

Someone will know; just keep posting. SO sick of pit bulls "getting out" OR being offered for ADOPTION. These dogs cannot be contained with regular wood fencing or chain link. They always excape. They are GENETICSLLY BRED to be aggressive. They see small children as PREY. Go to Statistics don't lie. So glad that your dog survived the attack and you and the other lady were not bitten. 

gunsnroses --- 2 years ago -

I just tried to post this on and it wouldn't post. Tried twice and they would not post ! People need to be very cautious in that area as this is a dangerous dog. 

andreweggplant --- 2 years ago -

Don't think is is KDC, I was able to post it... It is under you is censuring posts... I am pretty sure is it the way is is copied and pasted from one board to another 

Prolix Raconteur --- 2 years ago -

People who let pit bulls run loose in a suburban neighborhood are likely to be the kind of people who would want to fight you in their driveway before they take responsibility and pony up $900 for a vet bill. 

Judas --- 2 years ago -

I hate those effin dogs. I hope they find the owner and charge him, not just financially. Damn dogs like that should be shot on the spot. Where are all the armed citizens when you need them? 

Veronica --- 2 years ago -

It's not just pitbulls. Some pitbulls are not aggressive. And quite frankly there is so much backyard breeding going on, that characteristics of every breed could be embedded. It's THAT dog. He shouldn't be allowed to roam. He could of been abandoned too. 

andreweggplant --- 2 years ago -

Aggressive dogs are aggressive dogs.... mine was attacked by a black lab running free on the Greenbelt. My SIL has a pit that is just a sweet as can be. It is irresponsible ownership PERIOD. If you cannot take the time to train your dog properly don't have one!! 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 2 years ago -

Training is actually a different issue than behavior and disposition. I know multiple people with Pitts and they are some of the best dogs I've seen and they have no training at all, lol. They jump all over you, are awful on a leash and pretty undisciplined. But they are completely good natured and loving and willing to please, all the makings of an obedient dog but they aren't trained or disciplined.

Dogs that attack like this are beyond training as far as predictability IMO. I mean you CAN try but the underlying bad disposition is still there. And I'd be Leary that even if they had training, they would still not be trustworthy. 

Veronica --- 2 years ago -

I agree Sagacious that dogs that attack are beyond training. It's in their nature, but in this case, it didn't mean this dog would attack people or even a cat. The dog was dog aggressive and there is nothing that really can be done except he shouldn't of been out. I've also seen dogs being selectively dog aggressive. Dogs can be trained to disregard, focus on you, stay, but that basic instinct it there. I has a couple dogs in obedience shows. There was one golden retriever that was the champion getting an Otch which means she won most trials, but without observation, she was aggressive. Unusual for a golden. 

ATXmom --- 2 years ago -

In an effort to save money and to save animals, some police departments are going to shelters, rescuing pitbulls, and training them as police dogs. They are having wonderful results - seems the biggest problem is the trainers can't get the dogs to show aggression toward people! 

Zapper009 --- 2 years ago -

I suggest that we start a "Pitbull Training Program" - in conjunction with a "Safe Pick-Up Driver" class.

Probably could be conducted at the same time - as the "Informed Voter 

FANCY PANTS --- 2 years ago -


Did you find the pit bull and it's owner? 

Leila --- 2 years ago -

This is terrible. I'm sorry but anyone who lets a dog with any pit bull in its DNA outside unrestrained needs to have their animal taken away.They are too unpredictable.

I would walk the culdesacs and streets that back up to that greenbelt area and knock on doors and ask neighbors. I guarantee there are neighbors that are not happy about that dog being in proximity to their families. A little leg work and you might very well find out where the owner lives. 

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