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Michelle Wolf

who's talking here?

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Butterbean --- 173 days ago -

Wasn't that the cat's meow?

I'm surprised no one has started a thread; so, I did.

Pool's open... 

jackass --- 173 days ago -

Apparently it?s only funny to be crude and insulting if you?re talking about liberals...the right wingers are becoming politically correct pansies. 

voice of reason --- 173 days ago -

apparently it is fine when trump does it daily but not when the shoe is on the other foot. i expect better from a president than i do from a comedian. his behavior is not fit for that office. he is an embarrassment.

that said, i don't think what she did was appropriate either. take the high road. i guess the bar is fairly low tho considering where trump moved it to. 

fuzz81 --- 173 days ago -

I?m old enough to remember when trump mocked a disabled reporter, and his sheep cheered. 

fuzz81 --- 173 days ago -

i don't think what she did was appropriate either

What was inappropriate about what she said? It?s a tradition of the dinner. 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 173 days ago -

Someone's cage got rattled.......... or they're just wanting some attention. 

fuzz81 --- 173 days ago -

Whose cage is rattled in this scenario? 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 173 days ago -

Seems to be yours, now. 

jackass --- 173 days ago -

What would it be like if they had a republican comedian host? ?So Donald trump walks into a bar and...MAGA! Crooked Hillary! Huge crowds! Worship the Donald! Ok good night everyone.? 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 173 days ago -

Even the people who invited her to "speak" are now starting to distance themselves from her. 

fuzz81 --- 173 days ago -

trump should have Kanye sing his new MAGA song at the next one. It sums up the substance of this admin 

jackass --- 173 days ago -

Soup is walking lock step these days...all caught up on the talking points I see. 

Judas --- 173 days ago -

She went way too easy on them. They get what they deserve especially that douchebag daily Trump defender, Sarah *uckabee. 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 173 days ago -

Keep is classy, liberals. 

fuzz81 --- 173 days ago -

Now that?s rich 

jackass --- 173 days ago -


fuzz81 --- 173 days ago -

That sums it up 

fuzz81 --- 173 days ago -

How dare she complement her perfect makeup. 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 173 days ago -

Except............ none of those folks had a nation platform to express those opinions. Michelle Wolf did.

Or is that obvious, glaring fact too much for you to understand? 

fuzz81 --- 173 days ago -

The internet isn?t a national platform?

Oh, right. It?s international 

jackass --- 173 days ago -

Soup swings and misses...LOL 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 173 days ago -

That was a homerun.

The internet isn't a "national platform".

What we're posting here isn't showing up on all the major news outlets.

Fuzzball swings and misses......... steiny his batboy consoles him. 

jackass --- 173 days ago -

Soup continues to miss the point...let?s watch as he keeps putting it on display. LOL 

fuzz81 --- 173 days ago -

Soup is almost as coherent as Kanye as of late.

What kind of platform is the internet then soup? Regional? Local? 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 173 days ago -

I made the point. You two keep trying to dodge it. 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 173 days ago -

It's worldwide. Except not all of it gets played on a national media stage.

I didn't think I'd really have to draw you guys a picture. Figured you two were smart enough to figure that out. Guess not.

Maybe ask Mark for some guidance. 

fuzz81 --- 173 days ago -

That moment when soup realizes that the internet he?s been using extends outside of his trailer park and he?s been getting his information from Russian trolls all along.... 

fuzz81 --- 173 days ago -

You know more people use the internet than watch CSPAN, right? 

jackass --- 173 days ago -

The point of my post is the trump supporters, the ones all over social media whining about the crude language and ?distasteful? JOKES are the ones the hypocrisy of your people soupy. Sorry not sorry. Dismissed.

But again the right wing are turning into a bunch of butt hurt pansies anyway. The new politically correct snowflakes. 

fuzz81 --- 173 days ago -

The new politically correct snowflakes.

They always have been. Watch what happens when you tell them that god is a myth, abortions are a woman?s choice, a man can pee in the same toilet as them, or homosexuals can have cake too 

fuzz81 --- 173 days ago -

John Kelly "Trump is an idiot."
Rex Tillerson "Trump is a f?ing moron."
H.R. McMaster "Trump's a dope."
Gary Cohn "Trump's an idiot."
Steve Bannon "Trump's an 11-year-old child."
Michelle Wolf "Sarah Sanders' eyeshadow is made from burned facts."

Butterbean --- 172 days ago -

Bannon overestimated by 2 years. 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 172 days ago -

LOL....... The butthurt from the Hillary voters will never go away.

It's a joy to watch. 

jackass --- 172 days ago -

The butthurt from the Hillary voters will never go away.

Must have been hard taking second place in the race between sh*t and crap... 

RayofHope --- 172 days ago -

Journalism and politics have a reached a new low when a speaker (for a journalism event) speaks in favor of trees falling on women of the other party and thinks it's wonderful to kill the babies with glee.

Very sad for our country. 

Butterbean --- 172 days ago -

Very sad for our country.

See JA's meme above. 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 172 days ago -

Both sides have sunk to new lows in crudeness. I'm sick of all of them. 

fuzz81 --- 172 days ago -

Lol ATD i distinctly remember you previously saying liberals were too PC (a common Fox News talking point) 

Butterbean --- 170 days ago -

Just to give JA's meme another look. 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 170 days ago -

JA's meme doesn't dismiss the vitriol from the left towards anything Trump. It's just as bad from both sides. I can find even worse examples. 

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