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trump spending billions on hurt farmers

who's talking here?

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Miss Understanding 2
sdanielmcev 4
Emperor of Kingwood 7
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Butterbean 9
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SoupIsGoodFood --- 24 days ago -

They've moved onto their new "it" girl. Ocasio-Cortez........... she's burning up the internet with her face palm inspiring interviews on how she's going to make everything free. 

Miss Understanding --- 24 days ago -

on how she's going to make everything free.?

Just another ignorant generalization from the norm poster here. ALso a lie just like your fearful leader. LOL 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 24 days ago -

Trump created the problem and then only weeks later throws BILLIONS AND BILLIONS AND BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF OUR TAX MONEY at it to try to lamely fix it! Loser in charge!!

Wrong again. Trump has not spent one dime on farm bailouts. 

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