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Is it just me?

who's talking here?

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TinktheSprite --- 306 days ago -

Or is it unusually hot? My a/c is running and running to keep us at 78! I bumped it up to 80 and it still runs. Humidity is down in the house, but a/c runs and runs and RUNS! We can't get cooled down below 81 Shades are drawn. I feel like I am in a cave and a warm one at that! 81 is cooler than outside but still.

We had our unit checked out and serviced last spring. Does it sound like something is wrong with it? 

whatchamacallit --- 306 days ago -

Seems to be hotter, earlier this year. We have our unit set to 72 and it is taking awhile to cycle down, so it is really hot and humid but it does sound like you may have a problem since yours is set on 81?!and still struggling. Is your filter clean and have you cleaned your outside unit? 

mutton --- 306 days ago -

Sounds not right Tink... 

TinktheSprite --- 306 days ago -

Called to have KW Air Solutions check it out. All new filters last month, ceiling fans going, dehumidified inside. Unit was blown of two days ago and is not obstructed outside. It's a 2-story house but something's gotta give! 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 306 days ago -

I keep mine at 71, and that's the temp inside- are you letting alot of sun in? I'm keeping my rooms pretty dark, too- 

Butterbean --- 306 days ago -

Good idea to have it checked out. Sounds like something is amiss. Maybe a loose duct or similar. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 306 days ago -

It IS hot but mine is set at 77 and its not hot in here, i think you got an issue. Sigh... 

Gigix4 --- 306 days ago -

Maybe a small leak on the refrigerant thingy???
I had my unit checked in mid-May and it was 2 lbs low. The unit is not that old so I will be having them (Kingwood Air Solutions) back out next month to check it. If it's low again, then there is a leak somewhere.
So far, it is just plain HOT ... my a/c seems to be running more than usual so I keep all the blinds closed and drapes closed. 

TinktheSprite --- 306 days ago -

Lots of shade, no sun into the windows. shutters closed anyway. 71?! brrr That would be too cold for me! 78 is energy efficient and fine for us. Ours would run a lot at 71. But to have the a/c running all the time for 78 is not right. Calling American Home Shield, too. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 306 days ago -

I'm with you on the 71! I'd be freezing but Tat loves it cold!! My is at 77/78 during the day and 75 at night. Works for me. I'm outdoors a lot
And anytime you get inside feels good to me! 

Gigix4 --- 306 days ago -

I keep mine at 76 deg, 24/7 and I'm comfortable with that, and with the ceiling fans going as well.
My unit doesn't run all the time but a lot more now that it is so stinkin' hot!
During the day, I'm like SighFi, I'm outside a lot so it feels good when I have to come in. 

TinktheSprite --- 306 days ago -

KW Air Solutions is not with American Home Shield any more. :'( Someone from Humble, Aaron(?) is coming. 

sdanielmcev --- 306 days ago -

Sounds like something is wrong. Check your airflow. You could also just be getting old. 

jackass --- 306 days ago -

I remember air conditioners... 

Eliza2 --- 306 days ago -

I put tin foil on the windows that don't face the street and we have our AC checked twice a year because it gets used so much. 

TinktheSprite --- 305 days ago -

Tomorrow. Between 10 and 2. KW Air Solutions is coming after all. DH contacted American Home Shield and they switched us over to them. It's been a pretty warm weekend here but at least we have a little bit of cool air. I can't imagine what it would be like if we had sun blasting through out windows or no trees shading us like we do. I.Can't. WAIT. For. Tomorrow! 

kingwood resident --- 305 days ago -

Sounds like it's your thermostat. If it takes batteries put new ones in. If it's not the batteries you may need a new thermostat. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 305 days ago -

I remember as a kid in California, no one had AC built into their homes bc temps are cool and mild year round. Every now and then, the Sanra Ana winds would whip through and it was HOT. My Mom would fill the bathtubs with huge ice chunks and put on a fan to blow around some cool air. LOL

I would move out of Texas if there were no AC. Fast. 

tinnman --- 305 days ago -

Your evaporator coil probably needs to be cleaned. Wouldn't hurt for you to go outside and wash off the condenser coil too. Just use your garden hose to wash it off. Just because there isn't any visible debris on the coil doesn't mean that there isn't a build up of dust and dirt. Especially if your unit has hail guards on it. Then you wouldn't even be able to see the coil.

There is a metric that you can check to see if your indoor coil (evaproator coil) is working properly. Very easy to do. Check the temperature of the air coming out of several of your grills and take an average of that air. Then, measure the air temp of the air going into one of your return air grills. There should be no less than a 15-18 degree difference between the two temperature readings. This is called Delta T. Or, the delta between supply and return air temperatures. If your's is at or below 15 degrees, then you either have a very dirty coil, dirty filters, or you are losing some of your air conditioning in the attic through holes in your ducting or detached ducting.

The fact that you already have a humidity problem leads me to believe that your evaporator coil is very dirty. The dirty coil isn't removing the heat and humidity as it's designed to do.

Most companies will charge around 300.00 to clean the coil. They will spray a chemical on it to dissolve the dirt, dust, pet hair, and other contaminants that are on the coil. Some will take a garden hose up there and rinse the coil and some will let the natural condensation from the coil wash it off. Each way is acceptable and industry standard.

Good luck and keep us posted please. 

TinktheSprite --- 305 days ago -

Thanks for your input Tinnman. Where are the evap coils? Are they the "cover" thingys over the big fan? If so, those get blown off and hosed of frequently. At least once a week. the cost to us today will only be $75. Any repairs will be picked up by American Home Shield. We've had issues with raccoons lately. I sure do hope they haven't messed with the ducts in the attic! I might have to call an exterminator as well. 

tinnman --- 304 days ago -

The evaporator coil is in your attic and is connected to the furnace. You can tell where it is because the copper lines from outside hook up to it.

If you've had critter issues, then I would bet a box of donuts that one of them chewed a hole in the flex duct in your attic. Happens all the time. 

tinnman --- 304 days ago -

The evaporator coil is in your attic and is connected to the furnace. You can tell where it is because the copper lines from outside hook up to it.

If you've had critter issues, then I would bet a box of donuts that one of them chewed a hole in the flex duct in your attic. Happens all the time. 

Joe Blow --- 304 days ago -

I put tin foil on the windows that don't face the street

What? I couldn't even imagine wanting to live like that. 

TinktheSprite --- 304 days ago -

Taylor from KW Air Solutions came out. I just love their policy of honesty! There's a slight leak somewhere as we were only doing something at 13% when it should be closer to 17-20%. Or something? But he said it was only a slight leak. He put in a pound of Freon to get the air cooler and we are to watch it to see that it keeps up, turn off the dehumidifier and watch that the humidity doesn't go higher than 55%. If not, he will come clean the coils in the attic free of charge. He says our coils are not any more dirty than any other he's seen,and appears to be fine. He did not see any critter damage to the duct work. Yay for that! He did verify that our system is 10 years old and we bought one that uses expensive standard old Freon. We didn't get taken, it was just at a borderline time when the new Freon stuff R-14-something? came out. Taylor also suggested that we switch out the builder-grade registers for metal ones that allow more air to come out. The ones we have are actually blocking the flow as our unit is large enough for our house. IDK why no one ever suggested this before? We've been in our home for 26 years. That right there is another $$$ upgrade we need to do @$30 each. 

Gigix4 --- 304 days ago -

Taylor from KW Air Solutions came out

Taylor is the one that usually comes out to check my HVAC systems. I think Mikey trained him so he probably knows what he is talking about ... besides, Taylor is soooo easy on the eyes! LOL

Kingwood Air Solutions is not on my home warranty list either but since they put in the whole new system, I don't care what it cost for them to come out, they are who I would call for HVAC service ... no matter what it cost. 

TinktheSprite --- 304 days ago -

DH called American Home Shield. They are still on that list and he got us switched over. They are on our plan after all! We plan to use them in the winter sometime for a new HVAC.

Yeah, Taylor is a cutie. Good looks, polite, and intelligent? I wish I was 30 years younger! 

witchywoman --- 304 days ago -

I've got news for you. The old freon cools better than the new stuff. It also used to seem less humid in here before we switched over too. 

TinktheSprite --- 304 days ago -

^^But old Freon is $80/lb and bad for the environment. @10 yrs old, we will need a new system within 5 years so we will have no choice by then unless they develop a new thing. Plan on redoing the duct work, too. We have rooms that are cooler than others from the way the ducts were laid out. 

sdanielmcev --- 304 days ago -

If you're going to redo your system, tink, see about getting more return airs in there. 

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