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Bank of America

who's talking here?

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ashcz2it10 --- 7 years ago -

Does anyone else find it strange that there is now a armed gentleman pacing the front of the BOA? I noticed him today and I just find that wired that all the sudden there is one there now and I haven't notice one at the other are banks! Hmmm I have I missed there being bank robberies in the area? 

witchywoman --- 7 years ago -

have I missed there being bank robberies in the area?

Yes. There have been many. 

whatchamacallit --- 7 years ago -

Bank of America is the devil! I know this from experience. They have the worst customer service and very bad business practices. Just do a search... Maybe one (or many) of their customers made threats, so they got an armed guard?! I had a mortgage with them once and never will again! Everyone that I know that has any sort of business with them gets screwed, eventually. Change your account(s) to some other bank. 

witchywoman --- 7 years ago -

I closed our accounts there years back already and moved to a credit union. 

sweetpea* --- 7 years ago -

I must be one of the few still banking with them. Have never had a problem, In fact, my whole family banks with them and we are all quite happy with them. Never have had a bounce check or overdraft problem. I use them for everyday banking and have accounts at a couple of credit unions for savings etc. 

stayinalive --- 7 years ago -

AMEN to "whatchamacallit".
Yes there have been robberies in Kingwood. Most downtown Houston will not let a person in who is wearing a hoodie and or dark glasses. Banks in Kingwood grocery stores are also being robbed. A good source for news is the Kingwood Observer. 

ashcz2it10 --- 7 years ago -

Yes I know they are horrible! I dont personally bank with them but my company does and thats why I was there. 

FabFive --- 7 years ago -

We closed our accounts with them ten years ago. They were horrible. 

It is I WhyWhyWhy --- 7 years ago -

I have a Bank of America account and have never had any issue with them. I think 95% of the time when someone has an issue with a bank its because they float checks and get caught. Then its somehow the banks fault. lol 

sweetscreaminmonkey --- 7 years ago -

BOA has been robbed many many times so they are doing this all over.. the one by my job got hit at lunch two weeks ago.. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

They do suck. In more ways than one. 

RedC6Gal --- 7 years ago -

My whole family has banked with BOA since they started in Kingwood. Never have had a problem....not even one time. When my ID was stolen and I had fraud on my accounts they handled it quickly and no hassle. Can't imagine what kind of a problem you would have with a bank. It's all checks and balances unless you didn't like one of their employees. 

RedC6Gal --- 7 years ago -

BTW saw the security guard at the bank yesterday. First time seeing this, but it's been a few weeks since I've actually gone to the bank. My husband thought it might be because the bank was getting ready to close? I hope there hasn't been an attempted robbery. That would be scarey!!! 

FabFive --- 7 years ago -

Our problem was that we put money from checking into savings on a weekly basis. They started charging us a fee when we did that. We weren't having someone charge us for putting money into savings. Ridiculous. 

Cookin' Queen --- 7 years ago -

Have a BOA credit card tied to Royal Caribbean for cruising point. Last spring the cruise line puts holds for some large purchases made on the ship. After the cruise the total amounts were put thru and the first hold amounts stayed on for over a week. Each day for over a week a hold transaction would disappear starting with the smallest amount - $7.50 for a drink on the plane until the last amount $3,000 for a ring. Thank goodness I had just enough on the credit limit so it didn't go over. Thank goodness I didn't have any auto pays go thru when I only had $130 line of credit left. I had to use another card for a few days until the large amounts were erased. Pissed me off as I didn't get cruise points.

Then I lost the card and it took over 2 weeks to get a new one. When I have lost my Chase card they get it to me in 2 or 3 days! 

Stubbs --- 7 years ago -

We have banked at BOA for many many years. We also have our mortgage through them. No problems, happy customer here :) 

sweetscreaminmonkey --- 7 years ago -

i like their e banking account. i have one open just to send money to my son since BOA is one of the only big banks in Boston. i can keep very little in there and since i do everything online there are no service charges.. i love it. they are not my main bank since i like WF and chase more but they work for what i need. 

whatchamacallit --- 7 years ago -

I am so glad some are happy with BoA (for now) but all you need do is a search and you will see they are, as a whole an inept uncaring institution and no, you do't have to do ANYTHING wrong for them to treat you like crap. I lived it, I know. 

andreweggplant --- 7 years ago -

Maybe the armed guard should have been at the Atascocita location since they got robbed a little earlier this afternoon. 

justcat --- 7 years ago -

My SS had them about 5 years ago...They were notorious for holding deposits, clearing large withdrawals, even if they were posted later than smaller ones, and after the deposit..He finally was given over 1k back and I want to say they even had a class action against them for this. 

Rubicon --- 7 years ago -

^^^That's why we don't bank there anymore. 

JAMS --- 7 years ago -

I've been with BOA for years without issue or complaint. Many of the disgruntled piss and moan because of their own shortcomings with their money.

We have CU accounts too. 

justme --- 7 years ago -

I received two checks on BOA from a business the other day. I went to cash them at BOA and they charged me $6.00 for each check. Twelve dollars to cash checks from their own bank? I've never heard of such of a thing!

They kept trying to talk me in to opening an account. Ha! With fees like that, I would never do such a thing! 

RedC6Gal --- 7 years ago -

The only reason they charged you is because you don't bank there. All banks do this. It's for account holders only. 

whatchamacallit --- 7 years ago -


FANCY PANTS --- 7 years ago -

dollars to cash checks from their own bank? I've never heard of such of a thing!

You don't have an account with them so they want to get paid for the service of cashing their own check. I would not bank with BOA ever. I know people that tried to get refinanced with them and they tortured this family for 3 or more years. In the end they didn't do a refi and now this family has a higher payment because BOA told them to pay a lesser amount for over 3 years. Then in the end they added that amount back into the loan amount and did not change their interest rate. So, their house payment is even higher than before. 

Momsterof2 --- 7 years ago -

I had BOA several years ago and made 2 seperate cash deposits and got my slip they took a week to show up on my account and cost me $100 in over draft fees for auto draft things I had, I had to fight with them for well over a month to get the fees reversed I had proof that a cash deposit had been made and not credited on the same day. We closed our accounts as soon as they credited the fees back. Also MOST banks DO NOT charge you for cashing a check drawn on their bank if you do not bank with them, I manage several rental houses for my dad and would never depoist a renters check into my account. I always cash them first and BOA is the ONLY one I have ever had charge me a fee it will start making small businesses not take BOA checks. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

Credit unions are way better. But it's a pain moving to another institution. 

WTH3 --- 7 years ago -

Terrible bank! 

LitlJay --- 7 years ago -

My SS had them about 5 years ago...They were notorious for holding deposits, clearing large withdrawals, even if they were posted later than smaller ones, and after the deposit..He finally was given over 1k back and I want to say they even had a class action against them for this.

This is an EXTREMELY common practice among "big banks" and why you find so many unhappy customers with them while other customers who haven't noticed or been burned by it are oblivious to the practice and naively preach about "years and years as a happy customer"

Why should a cash deposit during the day on Friday be held until Tuesday, while multiple drafts are paid over the weekend? The fees to pay for those lobby chandeliers don't invent themselves, that's why!

There is too much competition in the banking marketsphere for customers to tolerate that. People put up with it because banks wink and nod one another about the practice.

Find a bank that breaks the mold and honors deposits as soon as you make them, has sensible hours so you don't have to leave work to do your banking, and is local so that they will see you as a customer and not a number.

Woodforest is one bank who is pretty good in this regard. I know there are other local banks that are also good, but I don't know who they are. We've used Woodforest since early 2005 and they have solved every problem, whether it was our fault or their fault or someone else's (all have happened). That counts for something with me. 

LitlJay --- 7 years ago -

Credit unions are way better. But it's a pain moving to another institution.

I can not disagree more strenuously.

My parents were educators and banked at the district credit union, so my first bank account was with a CU. I also gave First Community CU a shot in the 90's.

Credit unions are able to offer good rates, low/no fees, etc to customers because they are non-profit and aren't as beholden to the bottom line.

I also found that they don't give a damn about a single customer because they aren't as beholden to the bottom line.

When you throw out the profit motive, customer service is the first thing to go. Try getting anything done at the DMV or Social Security office if you don't believe that.

I love capitalism! 

whatchamacallit --- 7 years ago -

They suck! 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

Credit unions are way better. But it's a pain moving to another institution.

I can not disagree more strenuously.

From The Bank Guide:

"Let’s take a quick look at the Pros and Cons of both Banks and Credit Unions to see which one can be more beneficial for you.

Banks tend to have a wider breadth of services and features due to the heavy backing of their stockholders. They also tend to have much larger budgets for advertising, so more people are aware of their offerings. Large banks have more branches for easier access, but money is so accessible from other sources, such as cash back at time of purchase, this is no longer the advantage that it once was.

Credit unions are known for offering extremely friendly and personal service. It’s in a credit union’s best interest to understand and meet your needs and not just sell product. It seems that a credit union has your best interest at heart. Credit unions also have lower fees, and in some cases no fees for certain products and services. You also tend to earn interest or dividends on even the basic checking account. A credit union is more likely to work with you when a bank won’t.

Banks have higher fees, and more of their profit comes from fee based revenue. Some banks have bragged that 50%+ of the revenue comes from fees. I guess it makes their stockholders happy, but it ticks us off. Is it okay for them to brag about being greedy? The fees don’t affect you as much if you have a strong relationship with the bank. It usually hits the lower income accounts the hardest.

Credit Unions have membership restrictions and sometimes lack the funds to offer some of the same products and services as banks. Smaller credit unions may not have business services, for example. Credit unions have fewer branches for access, but with the ease of point of sale withdrawals, online banking, and direct deposit, this is pretty much a non-issue now. Some credit unions also overcome this with shared branching services, which means you can visit the branch of another credit union and not be charged any fees. Credit unions have a lower cap on the amount they can loan than a bank would have. Credit unions do have an insurance cap of $100,000 per deposit account. You would just want to split it up into separate accounts to make sure all of your money is insured.

What's better for most people?
FOR MOST PEOPLE LOWER FEES, BETTER INTEREST RATES AND PERSONAL SERVICE. Go for a credit union. If the credit union offers the products and services you need, then you owe it to yourself to check it out.
Check out the credit unions in your area. It’s usually easy to join an organization that works with the credit union, so don’t let the membership requirement scare you away.

Have you ever wondered why more people don’t use credit unions? So do we. It’s an awareness issue. Credit unions just don’t usually have the marketing dollars to educate people on the many benefits of using a credit union over a bank.

If you are of the very wealthy variety, however, you probably won’t care too much, because banks will fall all over you to keep you happy. You probably can avoid most of the fees and such if you are a wealthy bank customer.

If you are a small business, see if the local credit unions have business banking accounts. If they do, they typically won’t fee you like a bank would. We’ve found that banks sometimes offer the exact same service as their retail side, but charge a fee for it if it is for a business account." 

TwickleToes --- 7 years ago -

I hate BOA, did not read post, Feel free to argue, I won't respond. Bye 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

hate BOA, did not read post,

Me too, but LJ needs convincing! :P 

TwickleToes --- 7 years ago -

LJ? LilJay? I do not think so. He said it perfectly (go back a couple of post). For Liljay and Saga- Amegy is an option. I have seven accounts (between the sheets of my complexity - you know them, well Mary knows them). Three I earn ...wait make that 4 I earn interest on, and none do I pay charges for. NONE! I had Chase once, it was about 14 years ago - I paid $32 a month to cover like, up to, 100 check. I did not write checks, I used my ATM card, which also came at an additional price. SO the $32 plus ATM, really expensive. It was something like an extreme amount of money. Southwest Bank of Texas..I went to see them. No monthly charge, no ATM charge - unless you used an ATM that was not thiers, there was a fee. AND, they would not hold my "mager corporation" paycheck for 7 days (Chase did). I switched, Southwest became Amegy, and I WILL never leave them. I love these guys. Go to the AMegy at the front of Kingwood, Randalls shoping center, see Elicia. Tell her you know me. You will not be happier. This is just an FYI. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

Tell her you know me.

Do we tell her Twickle Toes sent us? lol 

TwickleToes --- 7 years ago -

lol, good point. I guess your crystal ball is in the shop . Teri, GAP Plumbing. You won't regret this. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 7 years ago -


Zenfidel --- 7 years ago -

I can't believe people still go to banks. 

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