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who's talking here?

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AwesomeTattooedDragon 2
I_won't_tell 2
It is I WhyWhyWhy 1
Iwonder 1
DVaz 1
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RayofHope 2
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Iwonder --- 1 years ago -


Butterbean --- 1 years ago -

Geaux Trump:

Geaux Trump 

JustWatching --- 1 years ago -

For the democrats.

For the democrats

urabunchcats --- 220 days ago -

urabunchcats --- 219 days ago -


fuzz81 --- 219 days ago -

Yes. Go to prison trump! 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 219 days ago -

Clever retort....... 

OrdinaryGuy --- 217 days ago -

Yes. Go to prison trump!?

For what? If you don't like it hear......GO HOME!! 

RayofHope --- 214 days ago -

He's the first president I have seen in my lifetime that kept his campaign promises. 

urabunchcats --- 214 days ago -



kingwood resident --- 213 days ago -

Yes, he is awesome, he is amazing, he is making America great again. He is draining the swamp. Thank you, President Trump, you are amazzzzzzing! 

jackass --- 213 days ago -

Idolatry...say what you want about him but he is absolutely NOT draining any swamps. Utter nonsense. 

OrdinaryGuy --- 213 days ago -

In your opinion.....the left can't see the forest because of the trees most of the time! 

DVaz --- 213 days ago -

A god amongst whiny liberal cucks. 

jackass --- 213 days ago -

In your opinion.....

It isn?t a matter of anyone?s opinion. The swamp rats that have been leaving are the ones he brought with aren?t very smart bestie. Not that any of you right wing nut jobs are, but you?re the least of the bunch. LoL keep repeating yourself though, it makes you seem sooo intelligent. 

jackass --- 213 days ago -

Why do you right wingers crave subjugation? An honest question.... 

OrdinaryGuy --- 213 days ago -

LoL keep repeating yourself though, it makes you seem sooo intelligent.?

Just as I thought....believe what you want but when Mueller's investigation is over and nothing comes of it....I promise not to say I TOLD YOU SO!! 

jackass --- 213 days ago -

I don?t claim to know what the outcome will be. Never have. You have you?ve got a 50-50 shot at looking stupider. 

It is I WhyWhyWhy --- 212 days ago -

The swamp rats that have been leaving are the ones he brought with him.

You think all the members of congress that are retiring came with him? Why do you think so many are retiring? Maybe because he's not allowing business as usual. 

urabunchcats --- 208 days ago -

urabunchcats --- 207 days ago -

urabunchcats --- 206 days ago -

Markster --- 205 days ago -


I really like this picture 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 205 days ago -

I didn't know you were a Putin fan! 

Markster --- 205 days ago -

I didn't know you were a Putin fan!
^^^^ If you don't know me by now 

Myra801 --- 205 days ago -

Putin's done his fair share of making people disappear. I didn't agree with a lot of what Mr. Obama did but I definitely agree with how he is looking at him. Putin is as ruthless as he is intelligent. 

urabunchcats --- 203 days ago -

RayofHope --- 203 days ago -

After a couple of weeks up being slammed by the left over immigration, Trump's poll numbers have risen. Also, (believe it or not) his ratings are up with Latino voters. The Latino journalist on TV said that Latino voters are more interest in economics than immigration. 

Markster --- 203 days ago -


Markster --- 203 days ago -

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 2 days ago - quote - hide comments

I didn't know you were a Putin fan!

silly old dragon. Read the big red letters . The tall black man is Obama and he was the president. The shorter man is the dictator, Putin. 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 203 days ago -

Really?? I had no idea, sparky!! 

urabunchcats --- 200 days ago -


urabunchcats --- 195 days ago -

Judas --- 195 days ago -

Your life is pretty sad that you're idea of fun is bumping this topic. Let me do it for you. 

Judas --- 195 days ago -

Trump is getting so desperate that he had to setup Stormy Daniels. He probably threatened to make his life as miserable as he is. Can't wait till he goes down. Hard. LOL 

urabunchcats --- 194 days ago -

please hold your breath waiting! 

urabunchcats --- 193 days ago -



Markster --- 193 days ago -


The suckered can't stay that way for ever.
The sooner y'all snap out of your coma the better. 

OrdinaryGuy --- 193 days ago -

rump is getting so desperate that he had to setup Stormy Daniels.

What's your proof of this statement? 

OrdinaryGuy --- 193 days ago -

Who cares what the British think? They barely can take care of their own country. 

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